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Regarding the question of whether to rely on the writing assistance given by different online services or not, most users usually consider a few obvious but very important and reasonable things. This is the train of thought they are most likely to follow: “For the service to which I will apply to write my essay cheap prices, high quality and absolute safety are my compulsory requirements”. If you hold the same opinion, then you are definitely in the right place at the right time.

Basing on our experience of working with different customers and learning their personal preferences and considerations, we aimed to bring to life the most sensible and practical ideas on what a really good online paper service should be like. So now you are welcome to check how well we have managed this!

First, Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We will start from a few general words about who we are and what we can offer you. Further we are going to stick to each particular point and provide you with more details. So come on and see what we have here!


Creative team of inspired, skillful & experienced writers, editors & supporters who know their job.


We constantly involve new professionals to increase the quality of all our services.


We cover diverse types of academic and business papers for both students and professionals.


We guarantee the 100% originality and uniqueness of each text we craft.


We keep our pricing policy clear and reasonable, supporting it with reliable payment system.


We are available 24/7, always ready to consult and help.

Our Understanding & Sympathy

Mental health issues like anxiety or depression can affect student's schoolwork, and can be identified with screenings by the MSU Counseling Center. The Center will be hosting free screening at different locations around campus on Thursday. Lauren Wood/The State News

Certainly, you can imagine how perfect it could be if there was somebody or something to come and take the work you do not want or do not have any time to do from you. Not once, when you were literary heaped with different tasks and hurried up by deadlines, might you crave for a miracle to come and set you free and get the work done. Although normally you are not a jealous person, when it comes to piles of home assignments, you cannot help envying Cinderella who had her fairy godmother to do all the work.

Joking apart, a modern school and college student really has to face a lot of difficult issues connected tightly with the process of study. There is probably no need to start listing them as they are mostly inter-conditioned and inter-dependent. So even if we pick up the most general and challenging issues, we are more likely to get not a list but a vicious circle of them, in which the one thing inevitably causes the other.

We do understand that. However, instead of showering with the senseless and useless words of sympathizing regret or regretful sympathy, call it as you like, we can offer you real help. Be it a handy piece of advice or practical solution, it will have visible results, which, in their turn, will determine your success.

We have identified three main reasons why students may choose have their essays and other papers written by our cheap essay writing service. No, we actually never ask about the real reason. We just turn to some statistics and facts to keep well aware of the current tendencies and features of students’ life.


Reason #1 Working While Attending School


According to the latest statistic research by Georgetown University’s Centre on Education and the Workforce, over the past 25 years about 70% of college students have worked while studying at school. This percentage tends to grow with the general increase of college enrollment and tuition fees. In addition, the study discovered that about 25% of full time working students are simultaneously enrolled in full time studying process.

If you are one of such either full or part time working college students, you do whatever your own motivation to work is, be sure that we acknowledge and appreciate it. What we aim is to help you cope with your study as effectively as possible. So we are here to prove it!


Reason #2 Difficulties with Managing Writing Tasks


We are going to share a small secret with you. Sometimes even experienced professional writers simply get stuck when doing their work. Of course, for them it is much easier to recover and proceed with writing. What about a normal student then?

Study stress or even anxiety, lack of time or inspiration are among the main factors which make your writing assignment much more complicated than it actually is. Even after you have prepared all necessary materials and tried to draft a plan for your essay or, maybe, dissertation, still you may find it extremely difficult at least to start properly, to say nothing of managing the whole text.

Believe us, there is nothing to worry about it. Each of us has his or her own gift. So if you feel that writing definitely is not yours, then it means that you are destined to spend your time on something else (playing music or creating software, for example). Now think: “Why not have some essay-writing-nerd guy from a reliable service to write my essay cheap and fast while I am dealing with my own business?” Indeed, why not?


Reason #3 Some Particular Personal Reasons


Our life is quite an unpredictable thing, and you can never know what will happen in a few hours. Furthermore, the circumstances that may prevent you from writing your papers can be both positive and, unfortunately, negative. What will certainly be common about all of them is the fact that they usually come right out of the blue. In such a case, it is so nice to be sure that you have somebody who you can apply to and ask for some assistance any time, isn’t it? This is why we are here with you!


Our Paper Writing Options Variety


You see, the fact you have to face in our high-tech and speedy reality is that you must do your work as fast and effectively as possible if you want to succeed. This is the principle we always stick to when offering the wide range of our options and completing our customers’ orders of various kinds.

Once again, before we move to the details, we would like to give you a general idea of the opportunities our clients can get.

  • Our team of writers works with absolutely different types of texts and all kinds of topics. These guys know literally everything about what and how to write. So in case your essay or term paper should cover a very specific issue, like the disadvantages of modern economic system or the history of the Boston Tea Party, your task will be assigned to the writer majoring in economics or American history respectively.
  • In terms of academic writing, we follow the APA and MLA style standards as well as Harvard and Chicago/Turabian style formats. Besides, you can always specify your own custom style requirements.
  • In addition, we can successfully cover both formal and creative writing as long as our customer provides us with all the necessary information we might require for such task.
  • We guarantee an in-depth understanding of your writing subject, high literacy level, plagiarism-free texts, and reliable sources of materials we might base on.

Below you will find a convenient table with all our cheap essay writing service options presented separately. You are also welcome to have a quick look through the brief descriptions of each given option.

An expert in the field of your research will process all your data, thoroughly analyze the results of the research and present everything according to the academic standards. Even if you do not have a particular topic, it will be chosen and the research will be conducted and by our professional writer as well.

Essays on various topics and issues prove to be the most frequently assigned pieces of writing. The wide range of the essays you can order with us includes:

  • narrative essays;
  • expository essays;
  • descriptive essays;
  • argumentative and persuasive essays;
  • analytical and critical essays;
  • literary analysis essays;

scholarship essays.

Whether it is a book, a film or an article review, our writers will craft it skillfully and creatively. If you inform us about the general topic of your writing, we will be able to choose the suitable book, movie or scientific article to make a review on ourselves.

The work on your dissertation or its separate chapter will be carried out by the writer who holds a master’s degree or a PhD degree in the field which your paper refers to. Our expert may need your clarification regarding the key points of your dissertation as well as the particular materials for the work to be done promptly and properly.

Term papers usually base on some research, description or argumentation, and account for a very high grade. As they must be submitted in the end of the term or semester together with many other assignments, our writers understand how important the quality and promptness of such paper are. Again, we may ask you for some additional information or materials to complete this task without delay.

We provide our assistance for both offline exam paper writing and online tasks. We take the complete responsibility for all the data you may have to provide us with, including your e-mail and password. The security of our service is guaranteed by our privacy policy regulations.

These include a cover letter, CV, resume as well as academic content writing. Please note that we will need some specific details depending on the type of the paper you order.

In case you need a poem, short story or novel for some very special occasion, we will do what you want for you, applying all our inspiration, imagination and creative thinking. Just tell us some details about the occasion and the deadline to get your order on time.


Our professionals can get your essay done!

Can We Offer Something Else?


essay-writing-helpThe answer is definitely yes, we can and we do. These are a few additional options concerning the paper writing procedure as well as an additional informative resource with loads of interesting things to find. So find out more about our extra services right now!

1. Rewriting Service. Provided that you have sent us the draft of your paper, we can rewrite it by changing up to 70% of the content. This percentage means, that our writer is allowed to alter your text at will by filling it with different details and takes the responsibility for doing this.

2. Editing Service. After we have edited your draft, you might have up to 30% of your content changed by the writer. This number implies that our editor can make some necessary obvious alterations to your text without rewriting any of its parts anew.

3. Proofreading Service. It does not suppose any changes to the content of the text you provide us with. To put it simply, proofreading is about checking the spelling, grammar and punctuation within your text, and correcting the respective mistakes if there is such a need.


Our Blog


On our website you can also find the link to our blog. This is where we constantly post captivating and useful articles on a large variety of topics. For you to orient yourself better around this information resource, we have come up with this short list of its main content directions. So in case you get interested, you are always welcome to visit our regular blog and discover something new.

Here are some informational guidelines for you to know what else you can learn with us after the almighty Google has fulfilled your request for this simple “write my essay cheap” word combination:

  • practical tips on managing different types of academic papers;
  • original examples of most academic texts, worked out carefully and correctly;
  • the articles devoted to the issues of education, studying routine, students’ life and interests;
  • the articles covering various topics beyond those of school or college and providing some handy advice on or recommendations for this or that particular issue.


How Can Our Cheap Essay Writing Service Prove to Be Plagiarism-Free?


We realize how essential text uniqueness and originality are, especially when we speak about such serious pieces of writing as term papers or dissertations. That is why we have developed the effective plagiarism-checking system to be 100% confident about the quality of tasks completed by our writes and to assure our customers of this quality.

  1. Firstly, we pose high demands for the writers involved. Each writer is tested before he or she is allowed to work on customers’ orders. That is why on the other side of your computer or laptop screen there is a strong team of skillful experts who will never let you down.
  2. Secondly, we use the most reliable and time-tested plagiarism-checking programs.
  3. Thirdly, each task completed by the writer is always reviewed by the editor at least one more time.
  4. Fourthly, the privacy of each task is guaranteed by special conditions stated by our privacy policy.


How Can We Prove the Safety of Our Service?


security-companiesWe know that despite all the advantages we can get from the World Wide Web, still its users may face serious threats when it comes to personal data security, online payments and work quality.

In order to protect our valued customers from any kind of online risk, we have taken all these issues into account, thought them carefully through, and come up with the whole set of reliable services. Besides, we have supported them by clear policy regulations available to every client.

Above we have already made out how our service can provide you with the high quality guarantees. Now let us go down to the other two mentioned issues.


Privacy Safety


We assure you of the fact that the personal information you provide when registering your personal account on our website is coded and securely kept within our servers and never disclose it to the third parties. These data can be used only to maintain the connection between you as the receiver and our service as the provider of your custom orders and special options.


Payment Safety


In order to pay for the completed tasks, you can choose from two payment systems available at our service.

Provided that you already have your personal PayPal account, you can always make your payments with it. In case you do not have this account, we would recommend you to create one.

Also, you can pay with your credit or debit card after you fill in the special form and your data are verified. Our servers do not save the information about your card number, card account or billing address as you are automatically redirected to your personal online payment page to which we do not have any access.

Kindly note that you can familiarize yourself with the detailed revision and privacy policies as well as with our terms and conditions by following the respective links.


Write My Essay Cheap and Fast: Our Prices and Deadlines


Buy Your Essay for CheapFor more details of our pricing principles and conditions please go to the prices page. There you will find the information table which demonstrates our price range and its interconnection with and interdependence on the deadline, which you can choose as well.

We strive to keep our pricing and payment policies as transparent as possible, so that our customers could know for sure how much money they have to spend and what they are going to spend it on.

The cost of our services has been proved to be affordable and reasonable for many students. However, we are going to give you some advice about how to get a nice discount. Let us see what you can do.

  • Make your order in advance. As you can see, the price depends much on the deadline. So do not procrastinate if you want to pay less.
  • Decline the offers on extra services. They have been developed to make the procedure of making an order and the process of completing a task more convenient and reliable for our clients. However, even if you do not choose them, this will not affect either the high quality of the writer’s work or the normal functioning of our order service in any way.
  • Request fewer number of pages. By contacting your personal writer (below we also will tell you how you can do it), you can ask him or her to include more information into less pages, so that you could expand your piece of writing yourself. We also remind you that regardless of the paper type you order and the number of pages you assign for the initial task, you will always get the title page and the references page(s) for free.

Let Us Get in Touch!


We do our best in order to make our service aimed at our each individual customer in order to meet their highest expectations. This is why we have developed a clear and convenient system of contacts. As our support team guys appear to be the first who you can contact, they are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays. Whatever your question is, from them you will always get a prompt answer or recommendation. So whenever there is such a necessity, do not hesitate to contact us by (for more details please go to the “Contact Us” page):

  1. the toll-free phone call;
  2. the real-time chat;
  3. the regularly checked e-mail;
  4. your personal area on our website (you will be automatically signed up right after you place your first order with us; by the way, this is how you can contact your personal writer then).

We thank you very much for visiting our essay writing service! Feel free to avail yourself of our options and contact us any time for more information or support.

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