Make New College Friends Easily

Make New College Friends Easily

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Being a freshman who is only starting their studying at college or university, you find yourself in a completely new and unknown social environment. The process of finding your place and making new friends in these conditions looks like rather a scary experience, as you have to leave your home, high school friends and step out of the comfort zone. However, if you want to find people, who might become your life-long friends, you must leave all the fears behind and start socializing as soon as you step in the campus area or even earlier.

If you cannot figure out how to make new friends quickly and what to begin with, try in practice these useful tips and very soon you will have the whole bunch of college buddies around you.

1.    Check Your College Page in Social Networks

You can use this tip even before you have gone to college. The majority of colleges and universities have chats where students can discuss different news or issues, answer other students’ questions about the studying process or campus life. Many freshmen find their future roommates on the colleges’ Facebook pages, where they can share their interests and living habits and decide to live together. Having at least one person on your side makes the transition into the college life much easier. Plus, very often with a new roommate you get a bunch of several other new people into your social circle, as they have their own new college acquaintances or even friends.

2.    Do not Forget People You Meet During Orientation Period

Be open, smiling and friendly and it will not take long before you find a couple of people that in future may become your good and reliable college friends or even classmates. Remember that other peers are as much interested in making friends as you are. Do not be shy or anyhow uncomfortable and socialize with people.

3.    Try to Know Better Your New Classmates

Although, it is possible to make new friends using the Web, do not forget about real-life communication. Direct your attention to your new classmates and you will see, that you are sharing pretty much the same experience, which is a great thing for making friends. You have a chance to establish good relationship with your classmates while working on your group projects or preparing for English classes, for example, and then proceed to having lunch or even spending free time together.

4.    Take Part in Campus Life

In almost all campuses there are groups of active students, who take part in the activities aimed to improve campus life.  These are majorly some sorts of campus councils, that usually are glad to welcome new members, as they have always a lot of work to do.  Being involved in the same challenges, working in team and sharing different experiences really brings people together and makes them close friends for many years. Consider this variant if you want to find some place where you would feel useful and welcome.

5.    Visit Campus Events

As campuses are full of young and active people the life in there is usually very eventful. The activities typically vary from different concerts and sports competitions to master-classes, collective movie watching, karaoke parties etc. The majority of students visit those events and it is simple to find several people to hang out with. Being relaxed and in a good mood, people are quite open and easy to approach. So, all you need to do is to show your interest in them and start a conversation.

6.    Join Sports Clubs and Fraternities/ Sororities

Being a part of a sports team is a great way to make friends. Team work contemplates constant helping to the team members and caring about them, so it is a great opportunity to meet people that in future may become your faithful companions. Quite often team members become so close to each other that consider themselves brothers and sisters.

Another way to find new brothers or sisters is to become a part of the campus fraternities/ sororities. This type of student organizations has a long-lasting history with its traditions and rituals and is good at gathering students together in places where senior ones can share their experience with freshmen and help them to adapt to college life. Brothers and sisters live together in the fraternity/ sorority houses sharing the same challenges and the same achievements together, so you will never feel alone or rejected there.

7.    Do Not Miss College Trips

Being on road with your classmates can become that challenging experience that will help you to make some close friends. Sharing new impressions, which later become good memories, and getting to know better your classmates can really unite you in friendship. Plus, students’ trips are usually very interesting, so do not miss them.

8.    Become a Volunteer

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Volunteering can be a great possibility to switch your attention from the college stress and do some socially useful activity in your area. It is also a good chance to meet other active and charity-minded students, who usually love to work in teams and are easy to befriend.

9.    Find a Part-Time Job

Yet another way to meet future friends is to get a job. It can be either on-campus job, or off-campus one. The main idea remains the same: shared experience unites people. There is one condition, though: in order to be able to make friends you need to work in places where the majority of staff are people of your age. So, when you will be looking through available positions pay attention to those that are usually popular with young people.

10. Show That You Are Approachable

It is important to come in contact with new people in order to make friends, but sometimes all you have to do is to let other people to come in contact with you. Show everyone around that you are open and easy to approach, and you will see how many people are interested in making you their college friend. Just remember that they are as scary and nervous about making contact with other people as you are. So, smile to people, offer your help, be nice and positive and soon the problem of being completely alone in college will not exist anymore.

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