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Team of Professionals

About Us: Who We Are and What We Can Do for You


Welcome to Essay Corner! Thank you for visiting our website and inquiring about our services. Let us introduce ourselves and reveal some secrets about how we do our job, so that its results could meet the highest expectations of our customers.


A Few Words to Give You Some General Impression


Here we may sound slightly too formal, but this is how a respectable company should introduce itself. At least we were told so. That is why we had to agree to use such formal style with a little hint of dryness in it for presenting some general information about our company and services. Usually, we go much more creative, and you will have an opportunity to check it.

So we are the legal online paper writing service. We provide various types of writing assistance as well as possess several information resources belonging only to our company and its website. In order to learn more details regarding our terms and conditions or privacy policy, please visit the respective pages and the “Disclaimer” page.


Brief Description of Our Services


What we have oriented all our services to is the all-inclusive writing assistance to high school and college students. We have strived for developing the multifunctional service system which could meet any kind of requirements which our valued customers may have.

For doing this we decided to conduct some research and then, basing on the collected data, analyze what types of academic writing different high school and college studying programs include. This analysis helped us make out what students’ requirements for and expectations of a really good paper writing service may be. We proceeded with developing a wide range of well-thought writing options and with organizing the effective work of professional writers.

Here is the short list of what we can offer. (To view the detailed descriptions, please go to our Homepage).

  • Academic writing would cover various types of academic papers and other assignments.
  • Business writing would include crafting a cover letter, CV, resume and diverse business content.
  • Creative writing would refer to everything that does not refer to the two previous options.
  • Revision options would include rewriting, editing and proofreading.


Do Not Forget About Our Blog


Yes, we do have one. There you can discover a lot of interesting and handy things. Yes, you can go to the Blog page and check it even before you read the following information to the very end.


Meet Our Wonderful Team


Our company has a wide full-time and part-time staff network with

  • experienced writers;
  • expert editors;
  • friendly supporters;
  • professional software developers.


Why Do We Love Our Job?


The key point of our professionalism is determined not only by academic degrees of our team guys. We all stick to the idea that one can succeed in one’s job only when one really loves it. By the way, this is what we advise you too: if you want to become a happy and successful person, find the job which you will be really fond of.

Speaking about our team, each of us has found their vocation in what they do. That is why we can guarantee the high quality, originality and creativity of any task you assign to us.


Why Do Our Writers Love What They Do?


These guys know what inspiration is. They seem to generate their ideas right from the air around them. There is no place for repetition and plagiarism if they take the job. To be honest, the rest of our team still do not know how they do it. Let it be their professional secrecy if you do not mind.


Why Do Our Editors Love What They Do?


They are what you can confidently call the spelling-grammar-punctuation nerds. When it comes to the language issues, we assure you, they are much better than the Google. Sometimes they may sound really annoying, as any other editors, probably. However, the result of their work is always incomparably perfect.


Why Do Our Supporters Love What They Do?


Their communication skills are outstanding. Besides, they know literally everything about everything regarding all the principles and mechanisms of working process. Your every order first falls to them. Also, they will provide you with immediate advice and consultation needed.


Why Do Our Software Developers Love What They Do?


The website design and graphics, customers’ personal areas and many other clever computer things as well as the website upgrading and updating are their creative and professional job. Although jokingly we call them geeks, they are real geniuses, who are really keen on what they do.

Our Aims

Here are our working guidelines and professional strategies.

  • Our job is to fulfil our customers’ orders promptly and effectively providing the highest quality.
  • With our blogging we aim to become a powerful resource of your study and life inspiration.
  • We always strive for improving and upgrading all our services according to our customers’ wishes and the latest technological novelties.

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