Affordable Essay

Affordable Essay

While there are a lot of reasons for a student to ask freelance writers to help them with their papers, a homework or a presentation, the desire to have a paper of a high quality written for an affordable price is a factor that unites them all. Some students need to work, and this is why they cannot spend all the required amount of hours on writing their papers, but at the same time they do not want to spend all their salary on one research paper. Is it possible to have a paper written according to all the instructions with a possibility to pay the acceptable sum for it? The answer is totally yes. Not only this is a service that offers you to order the papers for the price you can accept, but also here will be some tips on how to spend even less than you would normally have to.

What Makes the Price Go Higher?

So, you have made up your mind, you are already with the guidelines to provide, already know the topic and how many sources are required. You click on “Order now” and suddenly feel totally lost, looking at all the options you need to choose from, you can almost hear the thoughts buzzing in your brain… Should you pay for each source? What about formatting, does it influence the final price you will get? Is there any difference between types of papers? First, let us check what influences the total price to make it easier for you.

Here are the options that change the total price of your order:

  • Type of service
  • Academic level (where possible to choose)
  • Deadline
  • Number of pages/slides
  • Additional options

Let Us Take a Closer Look

The company offers a few types of service to choose from, and here is the complete list:

– Writing from scratch (an absolutely original work, written as per your request and according to your instructions)

– Rewriting (changing about a half of the content according to the provided comments, including the grammar check)

– Editing (checking and fixing the grammar, the vocabulary, the format of the paper as per the client’s request)

– Proofreading (checking and fixing some grammar errors without changing the content or structure of the draft)

– Business writing (that includes cover letter writing, resume writing, content writing and CV writing)

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Why Is It Required To Select Your Actual Academic Level

The requirements for all of the services differ, as well as do the prices. Of course, there is always a temptation to order the paper with the most inexpensive options, hoping that this affordable essay will be exactly what you expect it to be. However, it is obvious that the price for 1 page essay for a high schooler cannot cost as much as does one page work for a student who is doing their Master’s program. Therefore, when it comes to your academic level, there might appear a strong desire to order a paper for High School level when you are in the university, but you should be ready the quality will correspond to the paper that is suitable for a freshman or a senior, but not for the university student. It does not mean the paper is going to be bad or full of errors, of course, it just might lack the in-depth analysis and the academic vocabulary that the university student is expected to use.

Business writing options have different prices, too, depending on the actual paper you need. You may check these prices on the “Pricing” page.

Other services are only meant for working on your draft, and the price depends on how much of the paper you need to be changed.

Why Does the Urgency Influence the Total Price?

To understand this, a person needs to realize what does custom academic writing require and what should the writer do to meet the demands. First of all, the writer should check all of the instructions and the additional materials the client provides the writer with. After this usually additional research is required, as even though the writer is a professional in the field of study he/she works in, at the moment of order completion what is expected that the paper will be based on a certain book or support a certain opinion. Only after this, the writer completes a rough draft, proofreads and formats it, and only after all this the order is ready for the delivery. In case the writer has 7 days to complete all of the above-mentioned steps, it is less stressful and gives an ability to plan the work and not be in a rush. When the writer has twelve, eight or even four hours to do everything required, there is no time to rest, and all the stress and hard work should be paid for accordingly.

Do You Need to Select Additional Features?

Additional features, such as a Turnitin report or a writer’s sample, are totally optional and it is up to you to decide whether you need them or not. For example, you may select the top writer and the editor’s check for the more important paper, like your coursework, but save some money while ordering a regular essay or a movie review. There is always a way to get your affordable essay, and it is easier when your priorities are set in a practical way.

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Is it Possible to Order Less Pages Than Required?

The client is the person who knows best what kind of assistance they need, as well as what kind of paper they want to receive and how many words it should contain. Do not be surprised if the support team asks you whether you need more pages or no after the new order is placed, as it might happen that the student is not sure how long the paper should be or has made a mistake while placing the order. In case you have noticed that you have selected a wrong option after you have already paid for the order, let the support team know about it as soon as you can. Until the order is paid for, you are the master and can edit it to adjust your requirements.

One More Secret to Always Receive a Good Affordable Paper

Among the options our services offers there is one our clients particularly like when they find out about it. The option allows you to select the preferred writer to complete the paper for you. To be able to do it you will need to place the order for the paper or a few of them and select the writer whose writing style you like most of all. After this, simply specify the order number of the paper you particularly liked to the new order instructions and the same writer will be assigned to work on this new paper, too. The most pleasant of all this is that the option is free and can be used unlimited number of times.

If It Is Cheap, Will It Be Good?

There are multiple guarantees the company offers, and all of them can be checked on our website. Our company cares about the reputation and tends to provide what is most needed, a high quality paper writing service that can help anyone around the globe, remaining cheap and flexible, with season offers to the returned customers. You can check that we have a revision policy and a money back policy, so you can be sure we will do our best to fix the paper in case some part of the instructions was misunderstood, or issue you a refund. You are safe with us as all the personal information is not shared with anyone, even your writer, and we have no access to any payment details, too. You simply order your affordable essay and wait for the order completion, no worrying about the safety of your personal info or about the plagiarism in the paper.

Reading and Smiling

In case you want to know any other information concerning our policies, you may find it on the corresponding page.

Tips on How to Save Even More:

Use a Discount

You can always ask the support team to give you a discount in the chat online, they are available 24/7 and will surely help you in this case.

Write Your Own Draft

In case you had time and managed to write your draft, you can ask the writer to only add the parts missing to get the complete paper. As you do it, you can also order rewriting or editing of your own draft, so you are sure all the content is matching and there are no grammar errors. As well, you can send the complete paper to the freelance writer and the writer will rewrite it according to the instructions, edit it to improve its quality and fix the format if needed. There is also an option to ask the writer to proofread the draft so there are no grammar errors and it is pleasant to read and grade.

Order Only a Part of Work

There is also a possibility to order only a few pages that will be a basis of the paper you need, and you will be able to add the missing information by yourself. This will save you a lot of time, as you will have to only add to the created basis, using the same sources the writer has used, so there is no need to do a research by yourself. Also, this option works well for the papers that contain two parts, a theoretical part and the practical one, based on your own experience. Barely anyone can write about your experience in a better way than you can, but when it comes to theory, you can let the writer do this routine work for you. In the end you will have a completed piece of academic writing for a very attractive price that keeps your writing style and meets all the expectations. Is it not the affordable essay you were looking for?

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Order an Extended Outline

Sometimes the student only needs a push in a right direction, a detailed plan of what to do to not feel lost. This is when ordering an extended outline is a perfect option. The writer will make an outline with or without the sources that should be used, delivering the ready-to-use logical plan of your paper. All you need to do in this case is just follow the given plan step by step, proofread it and hand in!

Choose a Longer Deadline

In case you have more time to give to the writer, use it for your benefit and order the paper with a longer deadline option. As you already know, the more urgent the order is, the more expensive it gets, so in case you know you have a paper due in a week it will be better not to postpone ordering it hoping you will manage to complete it if intuition tells you it will not happen.

It Is Worth to Give It a Try!

As you see, ordering a paper to be completed by a freelance writer is a very flexible option, with a lot of details you can adjust to your liking and to your assignment requirements. Our team is literally working nights and days for our client’s satisfaction, so we will be very happy to hear you have clicked on the “Order now” and are ready to trust your assignment to our friendly team. Do not forget, that you can contact the support team or your writer at any hour of night and day and ask them about anything, connected to your paper writing progress, and will be happy to assist you.

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