Tips on Improving One’s Attention

Tips on Improving One’s Attention

Attention Improvement

Numerous modern researches show, that a person who can concentrate attention for a long time demonstrates higher cognitive abilities than those who are unable to concentrate on something longer than a few minutes. In simple words, if you have ever thought about the qualities that a person who wants to improve themselves needs to have, stable attention is one of those main features.

Following tips and exercises will help you increase your ability to concentrate in a few days, if you do them every day.

  • 1. Increase the Load Gradually

    When you come to a gym for the first time, the worst decision you can make is to start from heavy barbells and difficult exercises. Brain does not differ much here. It is possible to overload it and to make harm if the load is too high.

    Start with 45 minutes per day, or several sessions with 30 minutes in each and short breaks between them.

    When you get first bad feelings, stop exercising and have your rest. Geniuses knew how to work, but they rested a lot as well.

  • 2. Create Your List of Distractors

    Here is how your list could look like:

    • Phone;
    • Laptop;
    • Noise;
    • Other people present in a room;
    • Obtrusive thoughts;
    • Uncomfortable chair and table;

    You will not be able to get rid of all the distractors, but you can deny most part of them for sure.

  • 3. Train Your Will

    Attention and willpower are closely connected to each other. With the help of will, you can ignore irritators and stay fully concentrated during a long period of time.

  • 4. Meditate

    Meditation helps you not only to stay calm and shaped, but to hold your attention as well.

    During one of the researches, scientists gathered 140 volunteers who meditated every day during two months. In two months, their ability to concentrate attention became almost two times longer.

    Meditation is wonderful when it’s regular. So, try to devote 20 minutes per day to it and watch your results.

  • 5. Practice Everyday Consciousness

    “Meditation for lazy-bones” will be useful for those who don’t like wasting time in vain. You can watch your breathing even while standing in a queue or being stuck in a traffic jam.

    There are other ways to develop your daily consciousness:

    • Do something two times faster or slower;
    • Clearly understand what you do at the moment;
    • Be conscious about what you feel at the moment;
    • Concentrate on a color, a smell, a taste;

    Be here and now during this particular second.

  • 6. Go in for Sports



    Attentive Sportsman
  • Sportsmen are often able to go beyond their own limits as they need to be conscious and concentrated on purpose.

    Yes, you can make your attention better with one intellectual effort, but if you go in for sports, it additionally influences your results in a positive way. Researchers conclude sports to help human brain to deal with irritators better (though they don’t know the reason of it).

  • 7. Remember

    Attention is connected to memory. Go for a memory training course, and you’ll be able to notice good results in a few days.

  • 8. Read Complicated Materials Slowly

    This is probably one of the most underestimated tips. There is so much information nowadays, that people often just look through the text and don’t always get even 25% of its sense. Yes, humans read more, but they read easy and silly info as a rule. We prefer to avoid reading complicated texts.

    Still, read complicated materials, and read them slowly. Reading a book just to be proud of the fact you’ve read something smart makes no sense. If you read any scientific book, visit Wikipedia every time you meet any misunderstood term. Make yourself understand every paragraph, every word, every comma.

  • 9. Stay Curious

    You can’t be attentive without being curious. This is what children can teach you. So, make yourself be attentive.

  • 10. Practice Active Listening

    You get three advantages at a time: you become a great collocutor, you develop your attention and you become conscious. Make efforts and listen to a person without criticism and prejudice.

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