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Productive Person

Productivity Principles: Part 1

There are millions of productivity principles, so it makes sense to choose best ones, which are proven to be effective through real practice. They are quite simple and easy to be used it one’s regular life. Here are six tested principles that can seriously influence your life even today. 1. Goals Are Created for The […]

Friends Chatting

Multilingual Ability Role

English language is widely understood as the universal language. If you are born in non-English speaking country, most probably English will be the language you learn at school as a second one. Many people when conquered English stop trying to master any other language. Is it a right thing to do? Let us think about […]


Thinking and Reasoning: Differences

Sometimes we hear someone saying “his reasoning was rather convincing”. Next day the same person may say something similar about thinking. What is the difference and why should we pay attention to it? If you have ever taken certain logic classes, you may try to remember the time your teacher mentioned the term “thinking”. The […]

Old Village

Pure Nature: Joy and Happiness. Descriptive Essay Sample

Our village is rather old. It has a lot of almost destroyed buildings which were built before the war. The name of the village makes you think about wine because it sounds as if it has a word “grape” in it. However, not many people make wine here. When you drive with a car on […]

Lotus Pose

How to Live Happily on the Bare Minimum Of Money: Essay Sample

In the beginning of the twentieth century intellectuals were trying to reduce life to its lowest conditions. Those were the kind of experiments, which were made to feel what it is like to live without comfort and modern activities. Now this is not an experiment anymore, it is a lifestyle. A minimalist is a person, […]

A Person Speaking

Speak Better – Influence Better

Our language defines our personality and creates our image. Learn how to fix your language and make others be convinced that you are a serious person. Forget About Using Slang When you want to make a good impression, or even if you do not, your speech influences others. Every field of life has its slang. […]

Group of Smiling Students

Make New College Friends Easily

Being a freshman who is only starting their studying at college or university, you find yourself in a completely new and unknown social environment. The process of finding your place and making new friends in these conditions looks like rather a scary experience, as you have to leave your home, high school friends and step […]

Happy Travelers

Traveling Is Much More Affordable Then You May Think

As the days slowly but steadily get longer and the first scents of spring start to drift through the air, a shiver of enthusiasm runs through college campuses: summer vacations are coming. In a few months students will put their books on the backest of back burners and will search for vacation trips eager to […]

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