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Need for a Tutor: Necessity or Superfluity. Part 2

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Tutor? If it is still decided to take a tutor, it is important to pay attention to the following points, which will help at least to save a little, while guaranteeing a specialist in his/her field: It should be uniquely proven person, about who your friends can […]


Need for a Tutor: Necessity or Superfluity. Part 1

Studying in the university remains Greek to many students even after graduation. Not everyone succeeds in becoming graduates and thoroughly understanding his/her specialty. Is it possible to change something, or this science will remain unattainable? Here you can ask whether it is worth going to a tutor during the studying process, or it is better […]

Time Priorities

Time Budget Method

In order to make your life balanced, you should learn how to distribute your time between all of its spheres. Time budget method will help you to close the gap between the most important goals and global ones by making them combined. As a bonus, this method will allow you to fight your procrastination, lack […]

Problem Solving Guide

Three Fast and Effective Ways to Solve Problems

There are people who live like they are in a labyrinth: they just move around it and come nowhere. They don’t know if they approach their goals. They come to dead ends, but then choose the same way again. The last feature is about numerous humans, by the way. Once they meet problems, they often […]

Productivity Tips

Productivity Principles: Part 2

In the first part of this article, we took a look onto six productivity principles. They were tested through time and fit to almost every human. Here are six more principles that were selected from hundreds. If you follow these recommendations, you will not only be able to perform more work, but to feel happy […]

Serious Stress Factor

7 Stress Factors and How to Deal with Them

If you can do nothing in time, if you are not satisfied with yourself and your life looks like a race – it is time to stop and understand what went wrong and how to fix that. One hundred years ago, people read only 50 books during their lives. Nowadays, we all meet informational overdose. […]

Week Planning

Planning One’s Week

Many great people had gained the habit of planning before they achieved their success. They know the value of time and understand that spending a few minutes to create a plan can save hours in future. Many of them find time for travelling, family rest, reading, education even despite their being seriously loaded with tasks. […]

Planets in Universe

Time and Space: Essay Sample

Our experience is something that we can see and define only with a help of time and space categories. If you think that we can deal with a world without them then you either are an alien or have not thought about this till now. What do I mean by the claim that our experience […]

Revolutionary Crowd

The Problem of Free Will: Are We Free?

The humanity has always faced a certain amount of fundamental questions throughout its history. One of those questions was the question of free will. It appears that it is not enough to say whether we have it or no. Anyone who claims to know an answer, should not only explain what free will is, but […]

Productive Person

Productivity Principles: Part 1

There are millions of productivity principles, so it makes sense to choose best ones, which are proven to be effective through real practice. They are quite simple and easy to be used it one’s regular life. Here are six tested principles that can seriously influence your life even today. 1. Goals Are Created for The […]

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