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The Root Causes of Problem Issues and Ways to Solve Them. Part 2

2. To Assign the Solution of Problems to Professionals This method is a logical sequel of the previous one. All the charm of professional work is that in most cases it is performed qualitatively better than it would have been done by a handyman. However, when choosing this method, remember that a good professional costs […]

The World in Hands

The Need to Read Books: Wanderers in the Modern World. Part 2

Information Is Best Systematized in Books As already mentioned, the book makes it possible to systematize new information better than its other sources (in particular, the Internet). This is very important as you have already understood, we hope. Once life is a continuous system, then there is no need to oppose nature and contradict it. […]

The Book

The Need to Read Books: Wanderers in the Modern World. Part 1

In the era of technological progress, information explosion on the Internet and alternative sources of communication, there is very little space left for books. There is the Internet now, where there are answers to almost any questions. Reading books takes a very long time, which, it would seem, could be spent on something more important. […]

Bad Grades

Student’s Progress: Something Went Wrong

Before talking about ways to improve the progress of students, it is worth noting the reasons why this global problem arises in principle. Do not blame your stupidity alone. There are much more objective reasons why a student has low grades. Let us consider these reasons: As a rule, normal learning has always been hampered, […]


Need for a Tutor: Necessity or Superfluity. Part 2

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Tutor? If it is still decided to take a tutor, it is important to pay attention to the following points, which will help at least to save a little, while guaranteeing a specialist in his/her field: It should be uniquely proven person, about who your friends can […]


Need for a Tutor: Necessity or Superfluity. Part 1

Studying in the university remains Greek to many students even after graduation. Not everyone succeeds in becoming graduates and thoroughly understanding his/her specialty. Is it possible to change something, or this science will remain unattainable? Here you can ask whether it is worth going to a tutor during the studying process, or it is better […]

Time Priorities

Time Budget Method

In order to make your life balanced, you should learn how to distribute your time between all of its spheres. Time budget method will help you to close the gap between the most important goals and global ones by making them combined. As a bonus, this method will allow you to fight your procrastination, lack […]

Problem Solving Guide

Three Fast and Effective Ways to Solve Problems

There are people who live like they are in a labyrinth: they just move around it and come nowhere. They don’t know if they approach their goals. They come to dead ends, but then choose the same way again. The last feature is about numerous humans, by the way. Once they meet problems, they often […]

Productivity Tips

Productivity Principles: Part 2

In the first part of this article, we took a look onto six productivity principles. They were tested through time and fit to almost every human. Here are six more principles that were selected from hundreds. If you follow these recommendations, you will not only be able to perform more work, but to feel happy […]

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