Group of Smiling Students

Make New College Friends Easily

Being a freshman who is only starting their studying at college or university, you find yourself in a completely new and unknown social environment. The process of finding your place and making new friends in these conditions looks like rather a scary experience, as you have to leave your home, high school friends and step […]

Happy Travelers

Traveling Is Much More Affordable Then You May Think

As the days slowly but steadily get longer and the first scents of spring start to drift through the air, a shiver of enthusiasm runs through college campuses: summer vacations are coming. In a few months students will put their books on the backest of back burners and will search for vacation trips eager to […]

Lack of Time

Why It Is Important to Spend Time Wisely

While studying at college or university it is important to gain not only professional skills and knowledge, but also to train yourself to manage the time wisely in order to become more productive and successful in studies as well in the future professional life. College life is different from the high school one. On the […]


You Have Got a Problem: Procrastination

So, something big and important is coming: writing of a scientific paper, preparation of a lab project, studying for exams, doing your weekly assignment or any other huge, scary, thrilling or simply annoying task that you have to complete but for some reason cannot even start? Instead what you are doing is checking your e-mails, […]

Student Stuck in Indecision

Beat Indecision and Head to Success

From time to time, every person finds herself in front of a choice, that is not so easy to make. It may concern studying, relationships, career or life in general, and effect it in positive or negative ways. What are the main factors that sometimes make decisions so difficult? Let’s look at them one by […]

Overstressed Person

The Stressful Environment We Live In

Numerous tasks, difficult papers, urgent deadlines are able to create a real mess in your head. Add to this a part-time job, social activity and some family obligations, and it becomes clear why students are one of the most stressed groups in society. Today’s globalization caused the increase of information that must be learned by […]

Student Facing a Choice

Why It’s Better Not to Travel Around the World Right After Graduation

Young people are bombarded with films, articles and other stuff the main ideas of with are: there will be no better time, travel while you’re young, travelling is much more affordable than you think, don’t let the society pressure on you, the typical “way to success” is a relic of the past, your generation is […]

Informational Overload

Overcoming an Informational Overload

Information can get you even before you come to your office or start working at home. It is available once you wake up and influences you during the time you are active. Informational channels are overloaded: music, news, films, email box, smartphone – they all have their effect. This all leads to the informational overload […]

Office Meeting

Writing a Business Report in English. Part 1: Smart Tips

If you are taking a course in Business Management or any other applied disciplines, it is definitely going to be one of your home assignments. Quite practical, isn’t it? Nevertheless, that part of your consciousness which is responsible for providing you with reasonable on-the-spot decisions in most unfamiliar situations you face, has probably prompted you […]

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