Informational Overload

Overcoming an Informational Overload

Information can get you even before you come to your office or start working at home. It is available once you wake up and influences you during the time you are active. Informational channels are overloaded: music, news, films, email box, smartphone – they all have their effect. This all leads to the informational overload […]

Office Meeting

Writing a Business Report in English. Part 1: Smart Tips

If you are taking a course in Business Management or any other applied disciplines, it is definitely going to be one of your home assignments. Quite practical, isn’t it? Nevertheless, that part of your consciousness which is responsible for providing you with reasonable on-the-spot decisions in most unfamiliar situations you face, has probably prompted you […]

Attention Improvement

Tips on Improving One’s Attention

Numerous modern researches show, that a person who can concentrate attention for a long time demonstrates higher cognitive abilities than those who are unable to concentrate on something longer than a few minutes. In simple words, if you have ever thought about the qualities that a person who wants to improve themselves needs to have, […]

Funds Control Essay

Essay Advice on Finance Control

The reason of your achievements is not in a control, but in your understanding of your own behavior. Everyday accounting of your personal funds will help you track how and why you spend your money and to change your approach to exes as a result. Here is a simple advice that will help you save […]

Black and White

What Black-and-White Thinking Is

There is a great variety of reasons, states, nuances and contexts for any situation, though they all mean nothing for people with black-and-white thinking. Thinking as “good-bad”, “all or nothing” is a very popular model of behavior nowadays. It is easy to think that way: you can put a “mark” onto something in a moment […]

Group of Friends

4 Tips on Making New Friends

If you wish your social life to be better, then you should think what you do wrong and try to find a couple of good friends. There is nothing bad in this. People need friendship not only for having the possibility to exchange interesting stories while drinking coffee. Solid connections with people are what is […]

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