Cheap Writing Service

Cheap Writing Services

Always when it comes to purchasing some goods or using paid services, we pay attention to two main and, probably, the most essential criteria for them: their price and quality. The examples suggest themselves.

Let us say, you are planning to buy a new smart-phone. Although the algorithm of your actions may seem to be rather predictable and obvious, still it is logical and absolutely reasonable.

After you calculate the sum of money you can avail yourself of and come up with the conclusion that you could afford some new gadget, you start to search for the best model which could meet all your expectations regarding contemporary mobile phones. What you definitely take into account while making your choice are the gadgets characteristics which actually define its quality, and the range of prices maintained at the today smart-phones world market.

On this stage you stop. It is when you start to see all complex interconnections between the quality and price in details, and they cannot help confusing you hence postponing your purchase for an indefinite term.

So what is the problem?

Revealing Unfairness

Of course, the example of the problem above was just made up. Nevertheless, it reflects an absolutely common situation occurring to everybody who gets in touch with any sphere of trade or services.

Various cheap writing services are not an exclusion. What is more, in the case of ordering a paper with some of them, you may risk not only your money but also grades or job, depending on the purpose of your applying to such service. On the other hand, high costs for completing different types of writing tasks also do not guarantee either high quality or originality. Again nothing can protect you from the possibility of losing your money.

This is how it all works in details:

  1. the price of a paper you order can be more than affordable, but there may be problems with deadlines or with literacy and originality of the final text; besides, without informing you in advance your assignees may ask you to pay more if you want your task to be revised;
  2. the other situation is when you pay rather high price but the consequences are the same: your task may appear to be delayed, its quality may be unsatisfactory or again you may be asked to pay extra money if you apply to some additional options like revision;
  3. a high price can justify itself in terms of both the deadline and quality, but first you need to agree to pay it for your work to be done excellently.

Is There a Place for Some Harmony?

Well, in theory, yes, there really may be a situation when both the price and quality satisfy you. However, our human nature can hardly ever be satisfied, especially in terms of prices. So we should admit that in practice we have to face the fact that cheap price is associated, though sometimes very unfairly, with low quality, and vice versa. This is, probably, the main reason why a cheap writing service may also appear to be exposed to such kind of prejudice.

A Small Investigation into the Origins of the Issue

Price vs. Quality

Indeed, such misbalance between price and quality has led to a rather wide-spread and overall stereotype that if the cost of a product or service turns to be low, a consumer quite often treats it as something of low quality on default, without even trying to dig deeper and make out where its price actually comes from and how it can be related to its quality.

So this is what we are going to do right now! Below you can find a few ways of interpretation of the price-and-quality-proportion in general as well as where it might originate from and why it remains in our consciousness.

These short notes will be handy for us to move further to discussing the issue of more expensive and cheaper paper writing services and coming up with a final conclusion on which of them are more reliable and why.

Some Historical Overview

The issue about the correlation between price and quality arose hundreds of years ago. It is very likely to take its long roots from those old times when our ancestors came up with the very idea of money and the first marketing operation was successfully completed, leaving both the seller and the buyer completely satisfied.

Sometime later another seller showed up with the same products, who claimed that his or her price was lower but the quality was higher. We cannot be sure of whether that claim was really defensible or not. However, what we can confirm is the fact that since that day the balance between the categories of quality and price was disturbed forever.

Some Economic Considerations

Different kinds of research conducted recently by economists have shown that the main force which impacts that complicated relationship between price and quality is consumers’ behavior determined by their attitudes towards this relationship. If you have just started to think that it all seems to be a vicious circle, you are right: it really is.

Scientists found out that in marketing reality consumers want the money we pay when buying products and services to have value. To put it simply, the reason why we tend to believe that a thing we purchase for more money is better than the other similar thing for less money lies in our personal wish to make sure that money is valuable. The more money we pay the more value it has; consequently, we can expect higher quality, because quality also implies value.

Certainly, this rule or is not universal. Moreover, it is too complex to be understood in a right way. But still it casts some light on the nature of price-and-quality relationship.

Some Psychological Features

It is also quite difficult to make out the psychological mechanisms which determine and regulate consumers’ behavior when choosing between different products and services. Again, it is very likely to hinge on the just mentioned conviction that people value money, and high quality of the thing which we can purchase for this particular money is what we actually pay for.

To sum it all up, the price-quality relation (as it is called in scientific literature) is a complicated phenomenon which has become quite a frequently discussed historical, economic and even psychological issue. It can be confidently considered man-made and not natural, because it is based mostly on human understanding of such essential notions as money, value and quality.

So What Is Quality in Terms of Writing?

Old Typewriter and Paper

Now as we have clarified where the prejudice against any kind of cheap writing service can come from, we are going to muse over how we can define the quality of writing and what it should include. After this it will be easier to trace the connection between it and the price maintained by different paper writing services.

A Few Clever Words About the Concept of Quality

Sure, it is almost impossible to come up with a single and full definition of such an abstract thing. Anyway, the best source where we can find the most reliable explanation for this concept is a good dictionary.

It says that quality measures the state of various products and services when they do not have any defects of deficiencies. Also, it can be treated as an abstract set of those characteristics and features either of a product or of a service which can satisfy the respective needs of a consumer.

What Does Writing Quality Cover?

Basing on the definition above, we can name the main features of good and quality writing. Let us agree on the harmonious combination of four of them:

  • literacy;
  • theme or topic;
  • style;

Feature #1: Literacy

In a nutshell, it indicates whether the author of the text is aware of and follows all the spelling, grammar and punctuation rules while writing.

Feature #2: Theme or Topic

Definitely, there is a difference between them, but still we include them in one unit because they are interconnected and interrelated. A theme can be referred to as the main idea or message of writing. A topic tends to be a more specific subject of discussion.

The choice of both theme and topic may vary depending on the type of writing. Usually the topic is narrower and more particular, so it helps to elaborate on some wider theme.

For example, if your theme is global warming, then your topic may be its negative effects on the world’s agriculture or the greenhouse effect.

Feature #3: Style

What we mean here is not only what is called academic or formal style of writing, but also the manner a writer builds a text and fills it with the necessary content. That is his or her individual and original style. Not always do language rules and topic provide the wholesome readability of the text, while the good style really helps with it. Figuratively, the style acts like lubricant that makes literacy and topic work together in harmony.

Feature #4: Format

Format shapes a text according to particular standards. Besides, it helps make distinctions between different types of writing, sometimes together with style. For instance, a scholarship essay and a cover letter look different because of different formats though the style of them both is formal.

Note that we do not speak about the contents. Of course, in this case they are absolutely different as well. Format is rather a visual shaping tool which should be applied to craft a high quality text.

What Should a High Quality Writing Service Be Like?

Before we start, let us agree that we will blink at whether it is an expensive or a cheap writing service which we are going to discuss. Our aim now is to make clear what features a high quality writing service should have.

  • Well-thought and convenient options. There should be different types of papers available for different students. In addition, the service should not be confined only to academic writing. Students may have different needs, and it is great when they can have everything at one and the same reliable place. So business letter writing or poem writing could be also included in the service options.
  • Reliable guarantees. The service must guarantee literacy and originality of the tasks it completes for its customers. Safety and security of the materials it provides as well as of the customers’ personal data must go without saying.
  • Professionals. Such service must involve well-educated expert writers and professional editors, whose joint work will bring excellent results. Besides, we should not forget about communicative and literally omniscient supporters, who are always the first to welcome a customer.
  • Comfortable web interface and navigation. This is the job of a professional team of software developers. First and foremost, as a customer, you want to see what the service can offer, and only its interface can help you with it before you contact a supporter. So the quality of the website will tell you more than enough about the general quality of this service.

What If We Combine High Quality and Reasonable Cheapness?

This is often considered impossible because this is something too ideal, something out of our world. However, there is no harm in trying. At least, there should not be any.

While cheapness is mostly about a price, then quality covers a lot of different aspects, and now you know all of them. So you can feel confident and secure when comparing the prices and options of the writing service you would like to apply to, and deciding whether it is worth your time and money or not.

A Few Final Words About Our Cheap Writing Service

Company Office

In our turn, we do our best to meet all the requirements above and the highest expectations of our valued customers. We follow the latest tendencies in education and technologies so the services we have are improved according to the latest academic and technological demands. Here is what we can offer:

  • a wide variety of options;
  • professional team who really love their job;
  • the best guarantees of the quality, security and safety;
  • clear and convenient user interface;
  • different ways to contact us at any time.

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