Speak Better – Influence Better


Speak Better – Influence Better

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Our language defines our personality and creates our image. Learn how to fix your language and make others be convinced that you are a serious person.

Forget About Using Slang

When you want to make a good impression, or even if you do not, your speech influences others. Every field of life has its slang. It is quite understandable within some groups of people, but words often have a contrasting meaning than they have in vocabulary. So, the advice is to use words only in their literally meaning. In such a way, you will look like a person, who knows what he or she is talking about and will avoid confusing others.

You Should Avoid Diffusion

You have to estimate the crucial value of the things you are discussing about and be more selective. When you use long and complicated words instead of short and common ones you automatically become an unpleasant and arrogant person. This will never make a good impression of you.

Sounds During Speech

Once, one guy said “hm” 100 times during the report. All of the listeners were irritated and started to count how many times he says this. This bad habit can be easily corrected. Every time you want to make awkward weird noises, you should just stop speaking. Your companion will think that you decide which word is the most suitable, and this is a way better solution.

The Intonation Is Important

Sometimes you can put a stress on some words. If you do not know for sure if a person you are talking with gets the point, you try to ask questions. You should try to use intonation correctly, you should talk or ask, but do not mix up delivery of information or request for it.

Telling a Story

Try to Be Concrete

People will trust you more if you use concrete words to describe different concepts. If operating with the abstract notions, you will seem to be not informative enough. Your audience can think that you have no idea what you are talking about. Another important thing is telling the truth only.

The Dialogue Is Necessary

When you try to say everything in a form of a monologue, the individual you are talking to can feel annoyed. Also, it is not interesting to listen to just facts and statistics. You have to remember about this and try to build a fruitful dialogue. In such a way, the communication will bring pleasure and use for both of you.

You Have to Forget About Insincere Excuses

You should apologize when you feel the need to do this. If your excuses are insincere, your companion will not believe you. So, you should always follow your heart. If you are not ready, then it is better for you not to apologize at all.

You Should Be Careful with Idioms

If you are not sure in the meaning of some idiom, it is better for you not to use it. You should also avoid metaphors. These will make the speech of yours clear and more understandable. Mind your style: you are talking, not writing a novel.

All in all, mind your language and gestures (non-verbal contact matters as well), and you will always be properly understood by others.

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