Here we have provided our company’s legal disclaimer for the business we are engaged into. Please look through it carefully.

Disclaimer Statements by Our Company

check-the-disclaimerWe are very grateful to you is if you are reading this Disclaimer before applying to our services directly. In case you have already tried ordering any type of papers with us and for some reason such a necessity of your turning to our Disclaimer has emerged, please read it especially carefully. We also thank you for your pure interest in this document.

Before we proceed with the Disclaimer Statements as they are, we would like to highlight several basic ideas about the disclaimer in general, and give you some explanation of why the regulations mentioned in here are so essentially important for our further mutually beneficial and safe cooperation.


Our Website Disclaimer Policy


This is an integral element of our company’s management system. All the statements below refer to the services and assistance provided by our company on this website only. We cannot be considered liable for the disclaimers published on the websites which render the similar services.


What Is Our Disclaimer?


It is a special kind of document which briefly describes our services and options as well as determines, justifies and protects the rights of our company. It mainly refers to various types of information which the user can find on this website and establishes the particular principles which we adhere to when creating, placing or modifying our information products.


Why Do You Need to Know About This Disclaimer?


It is available to any user who visits our website, regardless of whether he or she proceeds with making an order or applying to any other service, or not. The reasons for informing all our customers of its statements and regulations lie in the following:

  1. as the creators, developers and supporters of this website we exercise our right to privacy regarding any materials placed on it; it means that only we can create, develop, upgrade, update and alter the data and information provided here;
  2. we have established this Disclaimer with the aim of conforming, justifying and protecting our direct rights from any possible encroachment;
  3. our obligation is to promptly inform our customer of any kind of restrictions, limitations and prohibitions that he or she may face while accessing and using this website and applying to its services; this is to avoid any probable further misunderstandings and misinterpretations.


Short Services Description


Here we present our main types of services briefly and without details. For more information, please go to our Homepage and view the services table on it.

  • Academic writing service includes completing a wide range of tasks related to crafting various types of academic papers.
  • Business writing service covers CVs and resumes as well as cover letters and different kinds of business content.
  • With creative writing service you can order a poem, a short story, a novel or any other creative paper provided that you attach all the necessary instructions with detailed clarification.
  • Revision service involves expert editors who do rewriting, editing and proofreading.

Blog Unit

In addition, our website has the Blog unit where we regularly publish articles of different styles and types. This Disclaimer Regulations also apply to the information which these texts contain.


Our Right to Content Privacy


We always strive for publishing accurate and reliable content on our website. However, we would advise you to take the following into your account:

  • we do not take responsibility for possible information omissions or errors on our Site;
  • any kind of this information іnadequacy, іrrelevance or non-tіmelіness are beyond the scope of our liabilities;
  • the content in here is always provided “as is”. It does not imply the warranties of the information accuracy or adequacy, completeness or timeliness, efficacy and merchantability; consequently, the visitors should rely only on their personal risk when accessing to our website;
  • we do not intend to give advice or provide consultation regarding any individual or commercial issue in case it is outside our circle of professional competence;
  • we are not liable for any possible lost opportunities or profits from the customer side;
  • the Site’s security and safety as well as its virus-free server are guaranteed, so we are not in charge of any damages which may occur as a result of accessing the website and using its content.

Please note that despite the abovementioned, our company does its best to properly check, analyze and afterwards confirm the admissibility of the website content before publishing it. We also strive to keep the high quality of all our services by following the latest tendencies in consumers’ demands and technological progress.

The website information and the regulations of its use can be modified without advance notification.


Copyright Notice


All information and materials in here belong to us solely. This means that:

  • all rights to owning the website design and texts as well as logos, images, sounds and videos are reserved only by our company;
  • under no circumstances, in no form and by no means this content may be reproduced, copied and transmitted without our written consent;
  • the materials we sell to a particular customer cannot be resold to third parties; these materials should be cited only with reference to their primary source (that is to our company’s website EssayCorner.com; the materials can be published only by our authority;
  • regarding the academic papers, please consider that they are sold not as ready-to-use texts but as additional information sources which you can base on;
  • any kind of copyright infringement or its attempt can be considered as a violation of the respective laws subject to civil or even criminal penalties.


Regulations for Hyperlinks


It is permitted by our company to provide hyperlinks to this website under the condition that any our publication is uploaded to any other website or copied to any electronic device.

In our texts we can also provide legal links to other websites, but their content with all its characteristics is outside our responsibility.

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