How to Edit an Academic Essay

How to Edit an Academic Essay


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Just like you need a good research in order to write a good academic essay, the same way your essay is incomplete without a good editing or a proof reading. Editing is very important after you finish writing your essay as it would help you to put your strong arguments stronger and weak arguments strong.

Editing is not an easy task. But sure it will make your good essay a better one with a better structure and flow of your arguments. In case if you are having troubles while editing your essay, here is a few tips for you to get started with—

Start Reviewing Your Essay from the Beginning – Read the whole essay from the beginning. Look for any structural dysfunction on your sentences, punctuation, spelling or grammar mistakes. Pay close attention to your arguments. Try to find out if you can make your arguments any stronger than before. Try to find out if you have repeated any sentence, words or any arguments.

Proofreading – Editing requires proof-reading. In the rush, you might end up making a lot of mistakes like spelling or grammar errors. So you need to pay a very good attention on that. First look for any grammar errors if you have done. Then go for the spelling mistake and punctuations. Remember, even if you have the best topic and arguments, your grammar and spelling errors might make the readers irritated and your paper will lack quality. So give special attention to proof-reading.

Do Not Hurry – Editing needs a lot of patience and effort. So do not rush into anything. Pay attention and make sure you go through the whole paper while editing. Do not skip anything. Every single detail on your essay should be perfect from top to bottom. Make sure you do not keep any other work at hand while editing your essay. Just concentrate on your editing.

Let someone else check on your Essay Once – Even if you think you have completely and perfectly checked on your essay, let someone else re-check it for you. We are bound to over look a few errors, but a different person will not over look any of your mistakes. So it is advisable for you to give your essay to someone else for editing or a proof-reading.

Read Your Essay out Loud to Yourself – Sometimes when we are whispering things, we cannot make out any mistakes we have done in punctuation. But, if you read your essay out loud, you might find any punctuation mistakes you have made on your essay. This might feel a bit awkward, but you should try this out.

Editing is a very crucial part of your academic essay. It determines the quality of your writing style as well as your essay. You can have the best discussion or arguments in your essay. But if you do not have a good editing, your essay will lose everything. So it is always advisable for you to pay attention to your editing.

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