How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay


As a student it is quite obvious that you have to encounter with writing a lot of essays with different styles and format. One of these can be the Compare and Contrast essay. In a Compare and Contrast essay you need to focus on topics and put their similarities and differences altogether in one essay. These types of essays help you to understand the topics better and engage yourself in critical thinking. You can put interesting analysis in your paper rather than just penning down your research.

Just like other types of essays, Compare and Contrast essays too have a few points to take care of. While you are writing the essay, the first thing you need to have in your mind is the deeper understanding of the things that you are comparing and their relationship with each other. However, before you start writing there are a few things you need to consider—

Recognizing Compare and Contrast Topics – Your topic is the most important thing on your essay. While you have been assigned with an essay remember that the words compare and contrast can be used in different ways such as Compare, similarities, contrast and differentiate. For instance, your instructor might give you a topic as “Compare WWI to WWII and indentify its differences” or “Compare and Contrast Wordsworth and Coleridge”. You need to understand the question and write according to it. However, you need to remember that sometimes some essays demand only comparison, some demand contrast and some demand both.

Try to find out the Comparisons and Contrasts – It is important for you to understand the comparisons and the contrasts of both the topics. Make an outline of the both in a piece of paper and put your points later on in your essay. This way it will be helpful for you to understand the whole thing and you can put better arguments.

Things you need to concentrate on – The first thing you need to focus on is what exactly your topic wants you to write down. After you finish your outline, find out the things which are more important and informative. Try to find out what is more relevant to the course or your assignment. At the end find out where do you need to focus more, comparisons or contrasts.

Write a Thesis – Writing a thesis on your comparison and contrast essay paper is very important. This will help your readers to stick to your paper and its information without getting lost in the middle. Your argument becomes more focused for the readers if you write a thesis on your essay.

Organize your Essay – If you do not organize your essay, it will be messy and it will lack quality. There are a few ways how to organize your essay but the most important two ways are “Subject by Subject” and “Point by Point”. While you are organizing your essay “Subject by Subject” you need to put first subject and its argument and then move on to the second. In case you are putting more than two subjects then start the third one after the second subject and so on.

“Point by Point” organizing system allows you to put points of comparison and contrasts altogether rather than putting the subjects before. However there are no rules for organizing your paper in comparison and contrast essay style that you must abide by. All you need to do is to organize it in a way so that it doesn’t look messy and lack quality.

These are a few ways you can write your Comparison and Contrast essay. However, always take the advice of your instructor for better understanding and you are good to go!


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