How to Write a Discussion Essay

How to Write a Discussion Essay


A good discussion essay is quite similar to a powerful argumentative essay. Both requires your strong points and arguments and require a lot of research. You need to take care of both sides of the topic and work on them. However, if you fail to put your points strongly then your discussion essay may not be able to keep itself interesting and readers may find it boring. Here are a few points to help you on how to write a good discussion essay below—

The Right Kind of topic – The most important thing about any essay is the topic. Choose a topic that interests you. This will help you to write the essay in a better and in a productive way. Reason is, you will do more and more research on that particular topic and give your best effort to make it worth reading. Make sure to discuss both sides of your topic and put your own opinion in a stronger way.

Make an outline First – Before you start writing your essay make an outline first. This will help you to get a clear idea about what to write and what not to. Outline the important things first and then go ahead and write the discussion later on. Prepare a list of important arguments you need to put on your paper and prepare the outline.

Introduction Is a Must – Not only discussion essays but every essay needs a good introduction. While you are writing a discussion essay, do not forget to put up an introduction that contains the background information of your topic, the issues related to your topic and let the readers know how your discussion will help them understand the depth of your topic.

The Body – The body of your essay is the most important part of your discussion essay. That is why you need to put special effort while penning down the body. You need to do a lot of research before writing anything about your topic. Put both sides of your argument in your body one by one. Make sure you keep a proper balance while putting both your sides. While putting your arguments, remember to put your weakest argument at the very beginning and the followed by the others putting the strongest one at the end. Keep an order.

Conclusion – Just like a great introduction, a good conclusion is another important part of your discussion essay. Your conclusion should include the summary of your essay letting the readers decide about the pros and cons of your arguments. In the conclusion you also must put your own verdict or opinion about the arguments you have put. Remember, if you come up with a bad conclusion, all your effort to write a good discussion essay will go in vain.

Discussion essay is all about putting your own thoughts, explaining your ideas and views, making your arguments valid and coming up with a conclusion. It is indeed a very interesting genre of essay. All you have to do is follow the instructions properly and you are good to go.

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