How to Write a Good Introduction for an Academic Essay

How to Write a Good Introduction for an Academic Essay



Introduction to an Academic Essay is a crucial and a very important part. Most of the times, it becomes very difficult for every Academic Essay writers to decide how to start a good introduction for an Academic Essay. However, an introduction to an academic essay should be interesting enough to draw the readers in. It should be meaningful and should not include things you cannot prove.


Why a Good Introduction is Important – An Introduction for an Academic Essay is the first impression to your readers. The most important thing you need to remember is that, it gives your readers a clear idea about your topic, your writing style, your arguments and the overall quality of your work. If you cannot keep up with the interesting note, fail to comprehend properly or make it boring, your readers might get a negative impression about your paper. This is why it is very important for you to write a good introduction to academic essay.

How to Start the Introduction – The start of an introduction is always very important. You might always have a question how to start your introduction. Here is a simple idea- start with a quotation or a question. Or you can also start with anecdotes or with a piece of information. Just remember your opening should be eye-catching and interesting.

Put Your Thoughts Directly – While you are writing the introduction, make sure you are putting your words directly. Let the readers know what your topic is about.  State all your arguments clearly and distinctively. Avoid putting any statements in the introduction which you cannot prove later on. While introducing, make sure you put questions which you can answer in your thesis later on. Focus on the essay. Do not go ahead and beat the bush.

Quote an Expert – To make your introduction interesting, you can put something quoted by someone who is an expert in you’re the topic you have chosen. That way the readers will find it interesting to read the whole essay. But make sure to introduce that person first.

Grab Your Reader’s Attention – There are quite a few ways to grab your readers’ attention. First thing, try to locate them into your discussions. This will help them to understand your essay. If you do not, readers might feel it boring and quit reading in the middle. Every sentence should be clear but not complex. Sate your argument clearly. A good Introduction should not keep anything mysterious like a novel.

The Length and Order of the Introduction – After you finish with every idea of yours, here the question comes how long your introduction should be. Keeping the length of your essay in mind, you should decide the length of your introduction. If your essay is not more than 5 or 6 pages then keep your introduction limited to one or two paragraphs. Keep it brief but meaningful. The order of your introduction matters a lot and you need to keep it logical.

Writing introduction is always tricky. That is why you should follow these points before you go ahead and write an introduction. The best thing you can do is that, you can write your introduction after you complete your essay. That will be an effective way to craft your introduction. You can put your ideas and questions in a proper way and your introduction will be a better one.

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