How to Write a Powerful Argumentative Essay

How to Write a Powerful Argumentative Essay


A powerful argumentative essay can change someone’s mindset about a certain topic but you need to have that strong sense of style in your writing. People are quite possessive when it comes to their beliefs. So when it comes to making your point a valid one above their beliefs, you can certainly understand how hard it could be. So before you are going to write a strong and powerful argumentative essay, you need to take care of a few things. Please have a look at them below—

Pick a Topic that is Debatable – A topic which doesn’t have more than one side isn’t an ideal topic for an argumentative essay. Your topic must be debatable and challenge other’s beliefs. For example, if you pick a topic such as “Birds can fly”, that isn’t at all something you can debate with. But, if you pick a topic like “Does God really exist”, it is indeed a topic that can create a whole lot of debate. So you need to choose the right type of topic before you write an argumentative essay.

You Should Strongly Feel About Your Topic – Your topic must influence you. It really doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree but you must decide both the pros and cons of your topic. List some arguments from your point of view as well as readers’ point of view. Now, choose the side of arguments which has more valid points. Once you have chosen your side do a proper research and then start writing it. Remember one thing; the key to a powerful argumentative essay is to you need to believe in yourself.

Your Stance Must Be Strong – A powerful argumentative essay can become successful only when you keep your stance strong. Make sure your essay is compelling enough to make other’s believe what you believe in. You cannot possibly make someone else believe in something unless you strongly believe in that. For instance, if you say “I do not believe God exist but looking at some miracles I think God might exist” then this will certainly make your reader confused. So you must stick to one point and write your essay accordingly.

Your Arguments Must Be Irrefutable – While you are writing an argumentative essay, your arguments must have logic. Lack of evidence, support or logic will make your essay weak and disagreeable. While you are putting a few arguments, it makes it stronger if you can provide some evidence like a study result on that particular topic or some quotations related to it. That will make your arguments stronger and more relatable. Put logic behind your every argument. Your points must be irrefutable and sane.

Address The Alternate Options And Refute Them – Addressing the alternate options will make your argument stronger. Also, refute them with your logic and this will make them question their own arguments. Use facts and statistics, put arguments from expertise and analyze them. Remember your readers are intelligent people. So make sure you put a valid reason while refuting their points.

Argumentative essay a very popular genre of essay. It is quite interesting too. But, it is quite important for you to know how to keep it interesting. Follow the points we have provided you above and you can write a great piece of argumentative essay.

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