How to Write Academic Papers in APA style

How to Write Academic Papers in APA style


APA (American Psychology Association) style is widely used in Social Science, Anthropology or Psychology. The style has been used for a long time and it has evolved since then. A lot of changes have been made in APA style guidelines. However, here are a few guidelines how to write your essay in APA format—

  • Typing, Margin, Font Size and Type – Your essay should be typed and not hand written. The margins in all sides of your paper means on left, right, top and bottom your margin should measure 1 inch each. Your font type should be Times New Roman and size should be 12-pt.
  • Spacing and Alignment in the Document – There should be double spacing in the whole document including your Footnotes, Tables, Figures and Appendices. When it comes to punctuations like comas, semi colons or colons in a sentence, use single space and use double space after full stop. Your document should be left aligned.
  • Writing Style – APA Style writing needs to be written on active voice. For example, instead of writing “according to the reports”, write “according to our reports”. This is the new change that has been made on APA style format.
  • Page Numbering and Order of the Page – The page numbering should be put on the right corner of every page. Your Title page will be the number 1 page. The format of the pages should be like this – Title Page> Abstract> Body> References> Appendices> Footnotes> Tables> Figures.

After you know the guidelines how to write your essay in APA style format, here is how you should start writing your pages—

Title Page – Your first page should be your title page and the page number should be 1. The title page should contain the name of the paper, your name as the author, co-author’s name if any.  Also put your Institute’s affiliation and author’s note. If you are not associated with any institution then put the name of your city and country.

Abstract – The abstract of your paper starts from the second page. It includes the summary of your essay.  The words count for your abstract should be around 150-200 words.

Body – The body of your essay starts in page number 3. It should be written in left alignment and there should be 5-6 spaces from left in every paragraph’s first sentence. Do not hyphen any words at the end of the line.

Citation and References – Citation is a very important thing in your essay. It avoids plagiarism and helps your readers to acknowledge the information you have provided. Cite author’s name, publication date and page number while you are providing the source materials.

In the reference section you need to provide the list of sources that you have cited on your paper. It includes all the information about the sources of your materials.

Appendices – In the appendix unpublished tests or materials are presented.

Footnotes – Footnotes are used to put back up substantial information in your text.

Tables and Figures – Use tables and figures on your essay when it is necessary. Tables are usually used to put quantitative data and figures are mostly graphs and images.

Well we have helped you out with the guidelines but it is always advisable to consult your instructor. APA style is quite commonly used format and you can write a great essay with this format. Just be ready with your research and start writing.

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