How to Write An Academic Essay

How to Write An Academic Essay

Effective academic writing largely depends on producing a high quality writing piece using the most appropriate style for your audience. You have to captivate, entice, and gauge the minds of the audience to get them reading until the end. To communicate your ideas and information effectively, your academic skills in writing need to be on point. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use much splendor in language nor does it mean it has to be dreary. The most important thing in Academic writing is to communicate concisely, precisely, and objectively. To do this, you have to learn the skills of academic writing.

Academic writing focuses on basic academic skills. The ability to use this skill into constructing an essay that is argumentative and informative is what every successful writer needs. How you structure your essay comes along way to the final copy of your writing. Thus the following steps can help you construct an easy to follow, informative and argumentative essay;

First and foremost, scrutinize the topic of your essay. In a case where no specific topic is given, you need to choose a topic that you are certainly sure of finding adequate research resources. But if you already have an assigned topic with a specific text outline, then simply look it up to gather the necessary claims and ideas for your essay.

Next, write an introduction to enlighten readers on what your essay will be based on. At the end of the introduction, write your thesis. A thesis is a statement that a writer intends to prove in their essay. You need to write what the readers need to know, not what you think.

After carefully writing your thesis, draft an outline of the essay. For an academic essay to be effective, it has to be sequential. Ideas and information need to be organized. Get your thoughts organized by outlining them in advance. This makes the actual essay writing process fast and easy.

Following your essay outline, start writing. Write what comes first in your outline as you expound on it. Continue in that order until you have exhausted all the ideas and information. While writing, consider structuring your essay into paragraphs separating each outline in a different paragraph.

Read through the finished essay and see if any additional information is required. If yes, then add that information where necessary. If not then proceed on to the next step.

The next step is to edit your work. Correct any errors grammatical, punctuation and even cutting out sentences that are meaningless. Use editing software if you are unsure of your own editing skills. Alternatively, give your work to another person to correct any available mistakes for you.

While writing the final draft, remember that academic skills go beyond writing argumentative content. It also involves knowledge of and ability to use the different formatting and citation styles. You need to always keep in mind that academic writing must use a formal passive tone.

Generally always remember that effective academic skills are essential for any academic writing to be equally effective.

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