How to Write Conclusion in Academic Essay

How to Write Conclusion in Academic Essay


The most difficult part of writing essays is the concluding paragraph. This is because, here you seem to have all ideas already put in the introductory and body paragraphs. As much as a concluding paragraph is the ending of an essay, it is equally significant in an essay as the introduction and body paragraphs. Your conclusion should simply wrap up your essay in about four to five sentences. A typical way to think of the conclusion is, ironically, as a second introduction because it does in fact contain many of the same features. An introduction shifts from being general to specific; therefore a conclusion should also go from specific to general. In this view, we can say that a conclusion is the opposite of an introduction. While it doesn’t need to be lengthy, it can break or make an essay.

An effective conclusion opens with a concluding transition, statements like “in conclusion”, “in the end” etc, and an allusion to the hook used in the introductory paragraph. After which a recall of the main thought or argument is stated. You will realize that your main argument or thought continually appears in the conclusion, so while using an array of word choice in the body paragraphs; it is acceptable to use some but not all of the original language you used in the introduction. The echoing effect created not only reinforces your argument but also ties it satisfactorily to the second element in the conclusion, which is a brief analysis of the three main points presented in the body of the essay.

Having accomplished all that, the last sentence and final element in the conclusion should be a comprehensive statement or call to action that provides the reader with a sense of closure. When writing essay conclusions, the last statements should summarize the importance of your ideas, it should drive the reader to a new view of the subject. It should also end on a positive note. Last but not least, the final part of a conclusion should always make the reader happy to have read the essay.

As much writing a conclusion is the final part of writing essays, it should be nothing short of the essay writing skills integrated in the previous essay paragraphs. This means that good grammar and good sentence construction still stand to be adhered to. You need to bear in mind that even in the conclusion you are still communication to your readers and thus should strive maintain the same tone from the introduction through to the conclusion.

To wrap it all up, while writing essays conclusions, you must always include a concluding transition that shows the reader that the essay is coming to an end. You should also restate the main ideas and thoughts presented in the essay. Then include a rephrase of the main topic plus subtopics and finally a statement that signals the closure of the essay. At this stage I can only wish you good luck as you embark on writing effective and catchy concluding essay paragraphs.

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