4 Tips on Making New Friends


4 Tips on Making New Friends

Group of Friends

If you wish your social life to be better, then you should think what you do wrong and try to find a couple of good friends. There is nothing bad in this.

People need friendship not only for having the possibility to exchange interesting stories while drinking coffee. Solid connections with people are what is critically needed for every human. According to the data of Harvard University Research, the absence of friendly connections increases the risk of a premature death for a person on 50%. This is the same number as if you smoked 15 cigarettes daily.

It becomes more difficult to tell about your problems and make new friends as you become older. But in fact, everything is simple here. You only need to know what kind of a friend you want to find.

The secret of friendship is simple: you have to be open for it. There are some recommendations from friendly essay writers, that will help you start new friendships.

  • 1. Be Friendly

    First impression is what matters a lot if a person will continue to communicate with you or not. Your facial expression is the point here. Remind yourself about people you see at the market, at the airport or in any queue. If a person does not smile, and is gloomy, you probably won’t want to have a chat with them. They just don’t look friendly, though they can be ones.

    A kind smile or just a polite head nod allow people around you to understand that you are friendly and open for communication.

    The skill of listening to others is another indicator. You probably have something to tell. But don’t forget that a friendship is a mutual process. So, don’t concentrate on yourself and listen to the other person with interest. This is possibly the beginning of a great friendship.

  • 2. Do What You Like

    The best way to find new friends is to find people you have common interests with. If you have a hobby you usually go in for being alone, think where you can find some like-minded people. Enter sports section, subscribe to social media communities, look where groups of interests usually have their meetings in your neighborhood.

    There is nothing simpler than starting to talk to a person about something they like, too. Once you meet someone who has interests in common with you, exchange contacts and stay in touch.

  • 3. Don’t Expect the First Step

    Maybe you feel yourself vulnerable when opening yourself to another person. But think about that: things can turn out that way, that person is more closed than you are and it is difficult for him or her to establish a contact with a stranger. So, just start talking. Nothing bad will happen if you try.

    In relationships with other people you should not only take, but give, help them as well. Most part of things you expect to get from a friendship (trust, honesty, reliability etc.) is based on mutuality. Find out what others lack, help them, and they will be able to see a potential friend in your person.

    Don’t expect everything to happen on its own. Be active, invite people to visit you, offer them a walk, and you’ll see how many people will want to join you.

  • 4. Stay in Touch

    Friendly Relationships

    Relationships depend on how much time you spend with your friends. So, think about ways to stay in touch. For instance, before leaving a party you could say that you liked it and wouldn’t mind to have one more hangout again, and to ask for people’s phone numbers or add them to your friend-list in social media. You can thank them for a pleasant time next day. Or you can invite them for a birthday party later.

    Be consistent. A friendship is not going to be built if you spend cool time with someone and then you don’t write or answer them during a month.

    Be open and kind, and you’ll make new friends easily.

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