Beat Indecision and Head to Success

Beat Indecision and Head to Success

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From time to time, every person finds herself in front of a choice, that is not so easy to make. It may concern studying, relationships, career or life in general, and effect it in positive or negative ways. What are the main factors that sometimes make decisions so difficult? Let’s look at them one by one.

The Main Causes of Indecision

  • Lack of information. It is the first and the main factor that causes doubts. If we cannot see the whole situation, its circumstances, and all available options, it is hard to predict the possible results and risks of the decision that is to be made.
  • Wanting it all at once. Very often we cannot make a decision, because we want to have all the things that are offered. But the problem is, that trying to get everything you risk to be left with nothing. Sometimes the only possible way to make a good choice is to reject other good variants.
  • Desire to make a perfect decision. This makes you to spend more and more time on looking for information and possibilities to avoid all possible mistakes. You are afraid of making a mistake, so you cannot be satisfied with just a good decision. The more time passes, the more researches you do, the more you get stuck, making it an even bigger problem that it has been before.
  • Lack of self-confidence. Some people simply do not trust themselves. Several rather big fails once have made them to believe, that they are just not able to make good choices. They are not simply afraid of picking the wrong variant, but are sure of it, trying to postpone this awful moment as far as possible.
  • Too many options. When there are too many variants to choose from, it is more possible that there will be not one, but several of them, that you will want to pick. Plus, you will have to search for bigger amount of information in order to choose the most appropriate one, that can be even more confusing.
  • Not knowing what you want. This is one the hardest cases. If you do not know what you want, you do not know which way to go. Just like in case of wanting it all, not being able to understand what you need can result in getting nothing at all.

Tips to Overcome Indecision

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Being stuck in indecision can seriously balk your progress and have a negative impact on different spheres of your life. That is why it is important to know, what practical actions can be taken the next time you feel like you need some help in choice making. Here are some of the most useful suggestions.

  • Change your perspective. Sometimes you look too close into the problem and do not see the whole picture. Try to step back and have another view point to see the details you might be missing. Compare your challenge to other priorities in your life and you will see how much important the decision really is, and thus difficult to make.
  • Ask for an advice. If you got lost in the sea of available options and confusing information, cry out for help to somebody you trust. Explain them your problem of making the right choice and describe all possible variants and their consequences. Having looked at your problem with a fresh pair of eyes, this person may point out on completely new circumstances or choices, that you have not seen before, and help to find other ways out.
  • Build up your confidence. If you do not believe in yourself or do not trust yourself, start with making small decision and each time they bring positive results, try to notice that and even reward yourself with some sweets or other enjoyable stuff. This will help you to concentrate on positive things and see that you are not actually that bad at choice making. With time you will gain more confidence in your abilities and making decisions will be easier.
  • Be in peace with yourself. Life is not easy and you are not perfect. Learn to appreciate decisions you make and forgive yourself for making mistakes. Simplify it, try to focus on possible bad consequences of avoiding to make a choice and good results of each option that you are having.
  • Do not overthink. Sometimes the first decision is the best one. Too much thinking and taking in consideration additional information and opinions can be more embarrassing than helpful. Over-analyzing may cause even more serious confusion, when what initially looked right begins to seem wrong and vice versa. So, do not think too much, and when feel overwhelmed with arguments, just go back to the first decision and take actions.

Sometimes we lack resolve because we concentrate not on the opportunities of decisions, but on potential problems that they may cause. That is why people may be frightened to make risky choices and prefer to wait or pick the safest ones. But if you want to achieve more, focus on positive results of your decisions and move on.

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