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Privacy Policy: Information Security Guaranteed


high-information-securityWe thank you very much for visiting Essay Corner! Please make sure that you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with our privacy and security policy in order to avoid any further misunderstandings. We would kindly ask you to take all the statements set forth below to your consideration and follow them rigorously.

On our part, we are also obliged to responsibly adhere to these regulations established for providing safe services and assistance.


What Is a Privacy Policy?


Nowadays, a properly functioning privacy policy is a compulsory element of a company’s management system. In a broad sense, it is a special document or statement which declares and explains why and how the company collects and handles the data and information which it receives from its customers on a regular basis.


What Are the Functions of Privacy Policy?


As a highly important and informative document, it is vested with the number of functions. The main functions include:

  1. specifying the data which can identify an individual and distinguish one user from another.
  2. giving clear explanations whether any kind of data may be left on a personal computer;
  3. clarifying the purpose and way of sharing the user’s personal data with any third parties or selling it to them.


Why Is Privacy Policy Needed?


It is widely acknowledged that the modern World Wide Web is a convenient but not an absolutely safe space for placing and storing various kinds of information. This is why it is essential to thoroughly develop of a well-thought privacy policy for the cooperation between the user and the online provider of the particular services. So the main reasons for adjusting a correct privacy policy are:

  • ensuring the user of the fact that the personal data which he or she provides are protected and can be used only for particular purposes after his or her personal consent.
  • clarifying the measures which are used for protecting the user’s information from any possible impingement.
  • providing guarantees of the user’s right to privacy in general.


What Are Our Security Strategies?


Aiming to provide all our customers with the secure and safe use of our website, we have established these privacy policy regulations.

Please note that these regulations are true only for this very website and its services. We cannot be in charge of the privacy policies developed and used by other similar companies or websites.


We Stick Only to the Information Given by Customers


When making your first orders with us, you should go through the compulsory registration procedure on our website. This is why we reserve the right to ask you for your personal information. We can use it only to:

  • create, upgrade and if needed modify your personal area (therefore we can find out more about your preferences in order to meet them promptly);
  • process different transactions (they include delivering services and orders, proceeding with payment and some other transactions related to the cooperation between you and our company);
  • keep in touch with you (this is to maintain contacts with you during the writing process as well as regarding your inquiries and orders placed with us).

Your personal data includes your name, the country you come from, phone number and e-mail. They are coded in the database and only the limited number of our reliable experts have access to them.

The data needed to make safe payments includes your name, credit card number and billing address. We do not have any access to them and they will not be saved on our website servers.

Testimonial: My order with this service was actually just the second time when I used my own credit card. I was a bit nervous about paying with it, you know. But nothing terrible happened. My payment went through (Dave, Texas, US).

We assure you that no personal information can ever be shared with or sold to third parties.

For the improvement of our services and upgrade of the website, we may also need your comments and testimonials. This information remains 100% confidential.


We Implement Professional and Reliable Security Measures


We guarantee the safety of our server as we always apply to using the following:

  • Secure Socket Layer system (or SSL): it is a security system which establishes a link between the user and the server therefore providing safe data and information transmissions;
  • Cookies: a cookie is a special file with the information which our website puts on your hard disk; in addition, it analyzes and records your preferences, storing the necessary data about you on your personal computer; in such case the website itself does not keep any of your personal information. We can start to use our cookies only after we get your personal agreement.


Our Compliance with COPPA


We acknowledge the regulations and requirements stated in the American Children Online Privacy Protection Act (or COPPA) of 1998. By adhering to this official document, we provide our services and assistance only to the customers whose age is 13 and above. Please be aware of this fact.

Testimonial: I asked my little brother, who’s 11 now, to try out their children privacy protection system just for fun. You know what? Nothing worked! He couldn’t do anything! These guys are really trustworthy! (Andy, North Carolina, US).


Modifying This Privacy Policy


Any further alterations can be found by our customers on this webpage.


Customer’s Consent


Please consider that in case you are using this website, you have automatically agreed to accept our policies.


Online Privacy Policy Principle


We claim that all our privacy policies can be referred only to the data which have been obtained online through our servers. We are not liable for the safety of the information you might receive and share offline.


Our Online Service Terms and Conditions


You are welcome to visit our “Terms and Conditions” page to learn about the use of this website and the cooperation strategies we stick to.

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