Pure Nature: Joy and Happiness. Descriptive Essay Sample


Pure Nature: Joy and Happiness. Descriptive Essay Sample

Old Village

Our village is rather old. It has a lot of almost destroyed buildings which were built before the war. The name of the village makes you think about wine because it sounds as if it has a word “grape” in it. However, not many people make wine here.

When you drive with a car on the road which leads to the village you see it lying between hills and fields. It looks like a small puppy which has jumped on the bed of its owners in the morning and now sleeps between two pillows. Moreover, those pillows are of different colors, because fields near the village are parti-coloured, too. There one can find wheat and corn, there are potatoes and small blue flax flowers raise their little faces to the sun. Each field is detached from others by trees, which are planted in two rows. There are even fruit trees, so that you can come there in the summer and eat some fruits, lying under the shadow of natural habitat.

People in village are friendly and funny. The thing is that everyone knows you despite the fact that you probably cannot say the same about knowing them. No matter how old you become, they all take you as a child or a grandchild of this or that person. That is why you are not as free to do stupid stuff as you are when living in the big city. Nevertheless, you may also feel much safer. When everyone claims to know you, then everyone will help you whenever you ask. You also feel as if you live in the big student house or even a big shared apartment because when you go through the village, everyone greets you and has a habit to sometimes start a small talk with you.

However, the residents are not the most interesting thing in village. The best thing there is nature. The house is on the ground, you do not have to use any elevator to come to your apartment. That is why it is easier to go out anytime you want. You wake up and the first thing you do is going to the home yard. There you will meet a first shaft of the sun, watching a fluffy dog running around, a cat sitting as a king on the bench and smell your future breakfast being cooked in the kitchen near the house.

When it is daytime, you may lie on the grass in the garden, read a book on the bench under trees or take a walk through the village. There are plenty of destinations and activities. First of all, you can choose whether you want to walk or to ride a bike. Depending on your choice, the points of destination may change a bit. When it is a rather hot summer day, the most popular place is the lake near the center of the village. There are more than three lakes within the village, however, only one of them is used for swimming. Everyday a lot of people gather near the lake, mostly youngsters, and they spend their whole day playing active games, swimming, laughing and listening to the music. Two other lakes are used for fishing. You won’t often catch a big fish, but if you are a good fisher, then after returning back home you will be able not only to feed your cat, but also to give fish for upcoming lunch for your family.

Swimming in the Lake

There is also a lake which is placed outside the village, just between two big fields. There is a lot of place for any activity. There are many cows and birds who rest near the water during the hot day. The lake is so big that you will not be bothered with them in case you are afraid of cows. You can swim, organize a picnic or, once again, try to catch some fresh fish.

If you are not fond of water, then you can walk to the big public garden. There are green grass, fresh air, tasty fruits and old buildings. Those old buildings show what time is like. No one has repaired them or even thought about it for long years, that is why those buildings are so fascinating. You see broken windows, walls and stairs. You feel the smell and spirit of the years that had passed long ago. This is the place for dreams and fantasies. You may take an apple from the nearest tree and start to write down a story about time and buildings, or just fall on the grass watching clouds passing slowly through the sky.

The sky is another long story. When living in big cities you see the sky quite often, but it is definitely not the same as here. In the village you do not have so much artificial light as in the city. That is why in the night the sky is cross stitched with stars. To say that you will be surprised when you notice it for the first time is to say nothing at all. Try to triple the amount of stars that you see at night in the city and you may come a bit closer to the image you will observe in the village. Nights there are really dark. It helps you to sleep better, as well. Even night owls will not want to sleep long in the morning, because they will be falling asleep almost right after the sunset. Moreover, the morning sun there motivates to wake up better than any TED speaker.

Stars on the Sky

There is still much to tell about nature and village, but the best way to feel this joy of connecting with nature is to come to the village by yourself. However, it is not the reason to move there for life. As for me, you can appreciate something only if it does not become habitual to you. That is why picturesque first appeared only when the differentiation between the city and the village began, when industrial society was born.

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