The Need to Read Books: Wanderers in the Modern World. Part 1

The Need to Read Books: Wanderers in the Modern World. Part 1

The Book

In the era of technological progress, information explosion on the Internet and alternative sources of communication, there is very little space left for books. There is the Internet now, where there are answers to almost any questions. Reading books takes a very long time, which, it would seem, could be spent on something more important. Or are there any objective reasons that make the process of reading books necessary for a modern person? Let us try to figure it out.

So, the modern world is a world of dynamics and food for the microwave oven in packs. The modern world is a tremendous lack of time for most people. And these are not empty words, it is really like that. And what is the lack of time? In the context of this article it is the lack of time to read books. When you come from the university, your thoughts are busy with cooking and rest only, you do not even remember about books. So, it turns out that most people say that reading is an empty pastime. In addition, books for students are usually associated with studies, from which they most want to relax.

Many students are of the opinion that free time from the study should be used for the work. Yes, indeed, money now plays a huge role in people’s lives. And, for some, the main role. Also, now there is a constant nagging about the eternal lack of money. It is very difficult to avoid a meeting with people who are dissatisfied with their financial situation.

Those who need money pull themselves together and earn as much as necessary. If you found some temporary work, but you feel that there is still not enough money, go away, stop torturing yourself.

Who are you? A student who does not know yet what life really is. The basic laws and principles of the “survival” in the stone jungle you can find out partly in lectures at the university, partly from parents, for the most part on the Internet. However, this kind of knowledge, with the possible exception of university knowledge, has one major drawback – they are fragmentary in nature.

We all live in a world of systems, as you know. All around is one continuous system with systems inside. The state, the city, the family, the table, the tree, you – It is all a system. In this regard, it is logical to assume that the life of people should be more systematic. Such a system arrangement should also be in your head so that you systematize all the knowledge that you receive from the external environment for its further use.

Books give you this system. Of course, there are different books, different authors. However, the book contributes to the systematic ordering of knowledge to a greater extent. In the book everything is arranged systematically, everything is placed exactly where it should be written. Why is it this way? The thing is that books, real books, are written by specialists in their field. And who knows this or that question better than others, if not experts? The specialist is the specialist because he/she understands the question better than an external graphomaniac.

Now we need high-quality knowledge, not the knowledge like “I know these aspects of the information, but not another ones”. Now we need a result. And it can be given only by reading books. After all, every time you read a book, you are recharged with new information. This information occupies a certain place in your head and thus fills all the gaps in the knowledge.

Each time you become more and more literate person. In the next part of our article we will systematize the information above, and answer the question: “Why do you need to read books?”

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