The Need to Read Books: Wanderers in the Modern World. Part 2

The Need to Read Books: Wanderers in the Modern World. Part 2

Information Is Best Systematized in Books

As already mentioned, the book makes it possible to systematize new information better than its other sources (in particular, the Internet). This is very important as you have already understood, we hope. Once life is a continuous system, then there is no need to oppose nature and contradict it. Fragmentary knowledge is certainly good in some moments, but only the systematic nature of information allows you to use this knowledge throughout your life, and not only in one particular case.

Books Allow You to Study Deeply the Question That Interests You

By the way, about the work during the studying. When a person works, then, as it happens in most cases, he/she believes that he/she already knows enough and can easily neglect to study. However, such a person is deeply mistaken. The thing is that, most likely, this person received only “iceberg” knowledge, i.e. knowledge that lies on the surface. If you want to understand something as a specialist – read books written by real gurus of their business.

There Is Less Probability that the Information Is Unreliable in Books

When you open a book written by a person who is an expert in one area or another, you immediately feel the depth of this person’s thoughts. He/she is a real expert who “breathes” his/her profession. He/she will not lie and write unreliable information, jeopardizing his reputation.

The Internet is different. All the information is an outpouring of unknown people who are very comfortable writing the most incredible nonsense under the protection of anonymity. The site can even be “specialized”, i.e. with a claim to the special knowledge of special people who you will never see in any case. Therefore, if you want to get the correct information on this question or another, then it is best to turn to book publications, and not to Internet sources.

The Books Have References to Other Reliable Sources

The whole Internet is built on links. However, this is not an invention of the developers of the global network, it is a long-established way of interaction between different authors, different works, different books. In this connection, we conclude that the authors (experts) always refer their readers to other audited books that they trust and that have withstood the critical pressure of the public and the scientific community. In short, the books, in most of their part, refer to the best works in this field or another.

In this regard, we state the following: if you want to expand knowledge on related issues – choose those books that authors of other books advise.

The Books Describe How This World Is Established

The World in Hands

In each book, the author writes about something about his/her own area. Even if it is the fiction, anyway, the author writes about his/her thoughts, feelings, worries, etc.

However, whatever the authors write, they all try to convey to you their vision of the world order. How is everything arranged in the world? Why is everything happening this way, and not otherwise? Where is the line between good and evil? The authors try to answer these and other questions in their works. That is why a student should read books. After all, students still do not know all the fads of life. And there are a lot of them, in fact.

Each author tries to help you solve your problem (even if it is not formulated yet) within his/her competence. It is logical then to assume that the more “keys” to solving future life problems you learn in advance, the easier it will be for you to live in adulthood. Therefore, books should be read also because they give specific answers to a variety of life problems.

The Books Help Get Away from the Pressing Reality

The World of Books

If you do not live right now, as you would like, if you are pressured by an external environment that, at the moment, is very difficult to change, then reading books will help protect yourself from the pressures. In books, in most cases, it is told about some “ideal”, which in real life is unattainable. Especially among the stupid people who surround you at this moment. So, if you want to challenge the fate by diving into the world of ideals and gradually getting better and better, then the book is your faithful helper.

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