The Stressful Environment We Live In

The Stressful Environment We Live In

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Numerous tasks, difficult papers, urgent deadlines are able to create a real mess in your head. Add to this a part-time job, social activity and some family obligations, and it becomes clear why students are one of the most stressed groups in society.

Today’s globalization caused the increase of information that must be learned by young people in order to become a fully functioning member of society. The 21-st century is called the century of professionals, meaning that people tend to become more narrowly specialized and are more focused on the deeper understanding of the sphere they work in and in developing of more polished-up skills in order to become a highly paid professionals.

Moreover, today’s life in general has become more stressful. With that huge information flow that we have to elaborate on a daily basis, we need to be able to think and act fast and make decisions without too long and unnecessary thinking. The competition is high. If you are not able to produce the best quality result within the shortest period of time, your place gets quickly occupied by a more effective and able person.

What Is Stress and Why Do We Have It

Stress is the method that our bodies use to react to challenges. Being in stress is an inevitable condition in the realities of today’s life. Pretty often it is bothering and embarrassing, and too much of it can cause serious psychological and even physical disorders. But at the same time it is a useful signal system that shows that the inner balance is disrupt and the organism needs some rest to restore the vital forces. This prevents us from emotional burnouts and physical debilitation.

As stress can be chronic and acute, it has different influences on our bodies’ condition that can badly effect our efficiency. Being chronically stressed one can suffer memory decrease, inability to concentrate and absorb complex information, depression, apathy, increased fatigability. Some physical issues include insomnia, eating disorders, immune system problems etc.

How to Prevent Stress

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Stress is one of that things that are better to be prevented than dealt with. It can be difficult to register the point, in which it is time to take anti-stress actions, so we suggest you to do some everyday things and practices that relieve pressure and help to strengthen your nervous system and body in general. These include the following:

All kinds of sports, especially swimming, that relaxes well body muscles, is good for vertebral column and blood circulation, which in its turn brings more oxygen to the brain and increases its activity.

·         Meditation

It calms mind and helps to ease anxiety. American psychologists say that meditation is even able to influence brain’s neural pathways, making people who practice it every day, more calm and resistant to stress.

·         Good sleep

It is important not only for preventing stress, but for good functioning of our organisms in general. When we sleep the right amount of time, we have enough energy to deal with everyday challenges without building up too much stress. The quality of sleep is also important. The room you sleep in must be quiet and well-aired, the bed, pillows and bed-clothes must be comfortable.

·         Healthy food

Of course, health eating alone cannot prevent you from having stress, but it can provide your body with the elements, that are essential for producing energy and maintaining the inner balance. When your nutrition is complete and well-balanced, all your systems work well, the body is in shape, nervous system remains strong and resistant to stress.

·         Wise time management

It helps to distribute the workload and avoid overwork. Start your day with the most important things and the less significant ones leave for last. This will decrease the pressure and worries about the important stuff that should be completed and will make you feel that you have everything under control. Take a minute and draw a plan of what must be done during the day and how many time you have for accomplishing this, and you will have no worries about being late or not being able to finish something.

Ways to Relieve Stress

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Although, for a normal human person it is almost impossible to stay always absolutely calm, chronical stress conditions are better to avoid. As this problem has become crucial in our society, the search of quick and helpful methods to relieve it remains being of vital importance more than ever. Here are some of the suggestions, that we find interesting and quite useful.

·         Take a break

If you feel overwhelmed, just stop and take a 10-minute break. You need to abstract yourself for a while and have some rest to put in order the mess of thoughts and emotions in your head. Take several deep breathes, this will slow down your heartbeat and lower the blood pressure. Sometimes, it is good to talk to other people about the challenge you are facing and maybe get some useful tips or at least a fresh perspective. Even simple sharing of the problem can make it not so unmanageable.

·         Relax your body

Loosen you tie, unbutton the collar, tip back in your chair and relax your body. Start from the face, then proceed to the neck and back muscles. Knead the neck, do some circular motions, use a little ball or a roller to ease tension in muscles. Washing your face or placing a worm compress around your neck can also be effective for the body relaxation.

·         Listen to soothing sounds or sing

There are plenty of playlists and long videos on YouTube with quiet lounge music or the sounds of nature. Find the one that you like the most and listen to it focusing on different instruments, melodies or animal sounds. This will sooth your body, lowering its blood pressure and the level of anxiety.

Another good way to relax is to watch ASMR videos. They feature many enjoyable, soothing sounds called triggers, as they cause tingling on the skin and positive feelings, which can help to relax your body.  Singing can also be good for lowering anxiety, especially if you love singing and there is a possibility to sing loud and with emotion.

·         Watch funny videos or read some jokes

Yes, when you are stressed watching comedies may be the last thing you can think of. Nevertheless, laughing is very helpful in dealing with negative emotions and stress, as it lowers the amount of stress hormones in your brain. So, forget about your problems for several minutes, find one of that super funny video compilations and lough your belly out. You will see how much more positive your attitude will become.

Accept the things you cannot change. Stop forcing yourself too much. Just accept the fact that you are not almighty and there is only a limited number of tasks and problems, that you are able to do and resolve during a day. Learn to prioritize, stop controlling the things that are uncontrollable and do only one thing at a time. Plus, permit yourself to do mistakes. People who try to reach perfection more frequently suffer from stress. If you are one of them try to understand and accept the fact that nothing is perfect. Mistakes are useful for gaining experience, so forgive yourself for doing them and move on.

·         Change your environment

Very often, we become stressed because the place we are in is full of disturbing and distracting things that increase our anxiety and cause stress. It can be too crowded, noisy, frowzy, dark etc. Eliminate all these disturbing factors and make your place more adapted for effective and calm working process.

·         Shake yourself

Do some simple exercises or just dance. Movements will distract you from your problem and joyful dancing will make you happier. Combine it with singing and it will be yet more stress relieving and up-lifting.

Always remember, that you are responsible for your health. Constant overwork, too much of junky food, alcohol and cigarettes, noisy crowd and a lot of other disturbing factor can cause chronic stress, that in its turn can very badly influence your health and productivity. Do not forget to care of your not only career, money or self-realization, which are, of course, important things too, but also of your physical and mental balance.

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