Research Paper About Folk and Ethnic Music

Research Paper About Folk and Ethnic Music

Ethnic Music

All of us like listening to certain music, but not all of us know how to write about it. In case you were assigned a research paper on folk or ethnical music, and you like this music, you can consider yourself lucky as you will get a chance to learn more about it. If you are not a big fan, it is a chance to discover something interesting and new: who knows, maybe after completing such a paper, you will learn to appreciate folk and enjoy it.

Where Do I Start?

As any research paper, the research paper about music requires you to dig out some information about the object, analyze the facts and share your conclusions and opinions. When it comes to such analysis, folk and ethnic music are perfect objects for your research, since their roots go deeply into the music soil. This music stands on the same place that the myth does in literature: most of the genres are somehow connected to it and have grown out of it, if not to follow then to contrast this kind of music.

What Is Folk Music?

First of all, folk music is the music that was never written down throughout the history, but was transmitted orally. As well, it is the music of certain nation ethnic minority, and it possess the individuality of this nation. Sometimes folk music in the nearby regions is quite similar, as it was at some point transplanted to another country and stayed there, getting some new features of the neighboring nation.

Who Should I Look Up While Researching?

Mainly, the history of studies performed in the field is quite young, as it is being treated seriously in the 19th century. However, Thomas Percy has collected English ballad texts and included them into his work called Reliques, dated 1765. Other people’s collections, like the one of Walter Scott and of Bela Bartok appeared in the early 19th century, so you can look up their names, too.

Any Interesting Facts?

Apart from the subject being interesting as it is, one of the fascinating special features of exploring ethnical and folk music is the fact that most of it cannot be written down like classic music, using notes. The reason for it is that while giving a folk performance, different nations use different musical instruments, and the sound of some of them are simply impossible to transcript into notes and write down on a paper. As a result, active research began when the scientists got the possibility to record the music and analyze it later.

More Interesting Facts?

Even though we are talking about music, some nations do not historically use more musical instruments than drums. Thus, a lot of folk music in such cultures consists of simple and repetitive lyrics and drum beats, and was mainly used for rituals and ceremonies. What is more, some songs are only performed using vocals, and most of the melodies were lost or changed through the history, as well as the lyrics, that were also transmitted orally.

What Next?

Once your main research is completed, it might be a great idea to specify, how folk and ethnical music exist today, whether they are appreciated or no and what is their influence on the other music genres. For example, indie music often uses elements of ethnical and folk music, but the sound differs from the actual music a lot. As well, folk music is commonly used to create a certain atmosphere: during weddings in ethnic style, in special restaurants and places of tourist’s interests and so on.

Additional Tip

If the topic allows you to, you can search on the influence of this kind of music on other aspects of culture and bring on some bright examples, which can include movies, books, plays etc. Sometimes people underestimate the influence of the long-time existing authentic culture and

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