The Root Causes of Problem Issues and Ways to Solve Them. Part 1

The Root Causes of Problem Issues and Ways to Solve Them. Part 1

Problems Ahead

In life, we constantly have to puzzle out a wide variety of problems. However, most of us do it in one certain tried and tested way – in the way that we are accustomed to, which helped us more than once. Within the framework of this article, we will try to expand the arsenal of your methods of resolving various problems, we will offer the most effective ways. For sure, you have already used before many of them, but it is still worth reading about alternative options once again.

However, before telling you about the manners to deal with problems, we will discuss the following. Everything in this world is interconnected. This is a fact which you cannot argue. The same is the verity for the problems in your life. If you live on earth, then you will have to face challenges all your life.

In this regard, since humanity has not thought up anything with how to overcome the formation of troubles in people’s lives, therefore, the best way out of this situation: to know and apply the most effective ways of resolving problems in practice, so that your struggle against “objective reality” is carried out in the most productive way.

But why is not there the best way to avoid challenges? Why should you use different methods? Sometimes it exhausts so much that it just seems that life plays with you a cruel joke. The thing is that there is a variety of situations in life that demand a variety of actions (in our case, ways to solve problems). There is no one “true and effective way” to resolve life’s troubles. And, in principle, this is even a plus.

Why? The thing is that when you solve some issue in one way, you reach a new level of your development. Your consciousness absorbs your experience and puts this way of the problem solution in your “storehouse”. Then something unpredictable happens in your life, and you are trying to solve a new issue. In what way will you do it? Naturally, in the one you already know and which you have already applied in practice. However, not always the same way can help out in different situations. We have already said that problems are sundry.

How do you act in this case? It is clear – you are willy-nilly trying to find a new approach to solving your new task. As you know, an initiative person will always achieve success. In fact, before you there were billions of people on earth, so for sure there were cases like the one that happened to you, and most likely your “unique” situation or problem is nothing more than an ordinary manifestation of life’s troubles of ordinary human being on earth.

That is why you should constantly study and learn new things. Everything new is actually well-forgotten old. Look for your answers in the history. Look for answers from the professionals of their business. Thus, you will make your life easier, and certainly save a bunch of your time. It is better to really invent something new and useful for society, and not waste your time over solving a question that has long been resolved on a planetary “forum”.

Ways to Solve Problems

1. To Solve Problems on Your Own

This way is the oldest of all known to humanity. The primitive man at first always tried to provide himself with everything necessary. Although already at that time there was a certain kind of cooperation with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of actions. And it says a lot. Thus, even primitive people understood (of course, they did not understand all this scientifically, but purely from the everyday practical point of view) that all problems can be solved on their own, but it is difficult and inefficient.

A person has a certain range of abilities and opportunities, but he/she is even more surrounded by various kinds of limitations. Whatever you are—a good doctor and, plus to this, mechanic—you will not be able, in addition to your skills and professional qualities, to become an astronaut, an athlete, a logistician and a metallurgist. You are limited in possibilities. Although you are limitless in abilities. So use your limitless abilities in order to cover your limitations in possibilities!

The inference is straightforward: do only the function that you can do better than 90% of people living in your city. If you study for a mechanic or already work, then in the case of breaking a car, you should repair it by yourself, because you are the specialist in this business. However, if you are poorly versed in computers, then you do not have to make yourself out to be a hacker and try to reinstall the operating system. It is better to invite specialists and pay them money.

This is the beauty of the market economy – you get a lot of money for something performing better than 90% of people, and this money you can spend on those who will perform for you some work, in which you are unenlightened, with the professional savvy.

The remaining ways of solving problems will be discussed in the

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