The Root Causes of Problem Issues and Ways to Solve Them. Part 2

The Root Causes of Problem Issues and Ways to Solve Them. Part 2


2. To Assign the Solution of Problems to Professionals

This method is a logical sequel of the previous one. All the charm of professional work is that in most cases it is performed qualitatively better than it would have been done by a handyman. However, when choosing this method, remember that a good professional costs money. There is a question: where can you get money? The easiest way is to become a professional yourself and get a good fee! It is simple.

Here is the motivation for action – a magic kick for self-improvement in the field of activity that you have chosen for yourself as a life path. Professional work saves you time, and most importantly – your nerves. Good nerves will help you, so try to delegate your issues to the masters of their business as much as possible. Do not be stingy. Try to spend your time on useful things for you.

3. Remote Problem Solving (Freelancing)

So, step by step, we continue our list of ways to knock down some problem questions. Next on the line is, perhaps, the most modern of all the presented ways of fighting life’s difficulties – assigning tasks to freelancers. Who are freelancers? A freelancer is a person or a group of people who are in the next house or on the other side of the planet and solve your problems for a certain fee. At the same time, all your communication takes place via a computer via the Internet, or rather, through thematic websites of freelancing.

Freelancer is, in fact, the same professional (or at least a person who understands your problem much better than you), who is working on your assignment and gets money for it.

Technologies are developing so rapidly that no one is able to follow them. Especially no one is able to work with every computer program as a real ace.

Therefore, always remember that if you face problems, such as working with graphics, office applications or another computer red tape, then you know that people from all over the world are always ready to help you. Not for free, of course, but their services are really worth paying. Again, you save your precious time.

The conclusion from the information above is the following: if there is a problem of computer sense, feel free to contact freelancers – they will help without any additional questions. This is a market economy.

4. To Ask for Help from Relatives and Friends

Hand of Help

This way is one of the most traditional ones. Friends and relatives are needed not only to celebrate birthdays and weddings. The method is fairly reliable because you will not be helped by a man from the street.

However, this way will be problematic to use often. No one likes to be constantly approached for help. Therefore, one should ask for help as many people as possible to avoid becoming an intrusive person for a certain individual.

You also need to understand that relatives and friends help you sort out your business, mostly for free. Consequently, they spend their free (and possibly not free) time on your difficulties. In connection with which, always remember that you steal someone else’s energy, not refunding it with anything.

Be more reasonable in terms of asking for help your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Address them only as a last resort. Do not spoil relations with them – they will be useful to you in the future.

5. Engage Networking


Networking is the building of business ties in order to obtain certain benefits in the future. If to speak easier, networking is the creation of connections.

If you face a problem that can be solved only by a friend of a familiar relative, then it is time to use your network of acquaintances in full.

Clearly, it is possible to deal with such a problem only when someone from your closest circle is familiar with the right person. The conclusion from this should be simple: communicate with a variety of people, and you will be happy. A person who has many familiar people who are able to help can be sure that his/her problem will be resolved in the shortest possible time. Just do not forget that networking cannot be abused – it should be positive.

Try to apply all these methods. It would also be nice if you could learn how to unite them to increase effectiveness when solving your life problems.

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