Student’s Progress: Something Went Wrong

Student’s Progress: Something Went Wrong

Bad Grades

Before talking about ways to improve the progress of students, it is worth noting the reasons why this global problem arises in principle. Do not blame your stupidity alone. There are much more objective reasons why a student has low grades. Let us consider these reasons:

  1. As a rule, normal learning has always been hampered, discouraged and prevented by personal life, which is booming in the period of studying. And when the love comes to the heart, it is not up certainly to the formulas, examinations, credits and writing the coursework;
  2. A misunderstanding with the teacher can also lead to low grades. In this case, there are two possible scenarios for further events. According to the first, the student begins to voluntarily miss lectures of unloved teacher and according to the second version, the teacher from personal dislike constantly lowers the grades of his/her unloved student, finding for it every time a new explanation. If it is a clash of wills, then this situation can bring the matter to an expulsion;
  3. Many representatives of the modern youth, somehow graduated from school, and miraculously enrolled in a higher educational institution, mistakenly believe that professors, like teachers at school, will make every effort to safely study new students. However, the reality becomes unexpected, and at the end of the first semester, an understanding is reached that the study may end there. So it is important to understand where and why you go to study;
  4. The student dorm is the enemy of all students because the evenings that would have to be devoted to studying turn into mass festivities. And the most surprising is that the reason for this can be found almost every day. Today a roommate bought a new phone, tomorrow the guys from one floor will master the difficult exam, the day after tomorrow will be proper, because, as is known, the day of receiving a scholarship is always a holiday. There is always a reason, but not for studying;
  5. Do not forget about your own laziness. Although it is the privilege of all great mathematicians, but it also brought to expulsion not one student. This feeling is very insidious, as it tightens, like alcoholism: it is worth to relax a little, as the desire to learn disappears for a long period of time and does not always return.

So, in addition to subjective reasons, there are external circumstances that contribute to a decrease in your academic performance. Now we will analyze the most dangerous academic periods in the student’s life.

Dangerous Periods of Student’s Life

The student cannot permanently be on the verge of the expulsion, however, there are dangerous periods in his/her studies, when the academic performance can dramatically decrease. It is desirable to avoid such moments, and to do this, intensify all your efforts and potential.

  • The first critical period is the first semester. At this stage, the freshman does not quite understand that the university is not a school where teachers constantly overestimated the grades in order to release even the most inveterate schoolchild. This will not happen in a higher educational institution because professors are too serious about their responsible work, and the huge number of students who visit their lectures daily remains a gray mass in most cases. You will have to work hard to ensure that in the first year professors remember your name;
  • The second critical period is the fifth semester. As you know, at its end it can be considered that half the way is already passed, and the second seems not to be so terrible. This is where the problems can arise since the results of the fifth semester are ones of the most important and this session is the most difficult, and many students, not having relaxed in time, finish the university ahead of time;
  • The third critical period is the end of the fourth year. As a rule, students at this time consider themselves already qualified specialists and look forward to receiving a diploma. They are sure that no one will throw a monkey wrench into the works, but there are those principal professors who are ready to disprove it. Therefore, it is still too early to relax.

In general, improving the student’s performance is quite realistic, but for this, it is important to observe three components: the perseverance, the desire to learn further and the patience. Simply put, the main thing is to set a goal and follow it steadily.

5 Ways to Improve the Academic Performance

Academic Performance

Sometimes it is difficult to work alone, that is why we offer you several methods that will facilitate your way to improve the academic performance:

  1. The most effective way, in this case, is a close friendship with an excellent student. As a rule, these are modest and shy people who always experience a shortage of friends and communication, but at the same time, they are quite easy-going. So why not start with the main thing – to approach one of these “walking encyclopedias” and ask for help. It will be fair, and you do not have to give a song and dance with sincere friendship, and the excellent student will necessarily respond to such a sincere and not quite usual for him/her request;
  2. To increase academic performance, it is recommended to visit lectures more often and regularly explore the library. If you ask the professor a couple of clarifying questions and he/she will remember you, it will greatly facilitate your studies. As a rule, even the most strict and captious professors are loyal to diligent students who do not make noise, make the interested and intelligent look, keep notes and regularly attend lectures. Here the main thing is to become familiar and remembered from the good side, then a positive evaluation will be guaranteed even in the case of absence of capacious knowledge luggage;
  3. Learning is desirable in time, gradually exploring new material. As you know, an unacknowledged topic pulls the next one, and the knowledge gap in your head only increases by leaps and bounds. If some information is not understood, then after a lecture it is worth turning to classmates or friends or to the professor in the best case for an explanation;
  4. If during the whole semester, the student’s progress was noticeably lame, then during the session it is time to show off with your knowledge, to prove your qualification and advancement in this subject or another;
  5. You can always hire a tutor, who will individually deal with your problems in one subject or another. Of course, you will have to spend a little on such a mentor, but the hourly payment will make your brains think much faster. Jokes are jokes, but sometimes it is the tutor who helps increase academic performance, and sometimes it is enough a couple of lessons so that the once dark topic becomes quite obvious to the mind.

In any case, the logic and motivation should always be present in the head of each student, otherwise, all further studies will be just a poorly thought out plan that unexpectedly failed. If a conscious student understands why he/she came to the walls of a higher educational institution, then problems with learning should certainly not arise. He/she will direct all the forces and opportunities to stabilize his/her precarious situation and will not allow the recurrence of such incidents.


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