Time and Space: Essay Sample


Time and Space: Essay Sample

Planets in Universe

Our experience is something that we can see and define only with a help of time and space categories. If you think that we can deal with a world without them then you either are an alien or have not thought about this till now.

What do I mean by the claim that our experience of the world is nothing without time and space? It means that you cannot even talk about anything without mentioning time or space. Any statement is always a statement which includes your connection to time and space.

Let us dig deeper. What is time? Someone claims that time is real substance. They argue that time exists outside of our mind. We can measure time and find place for time in certain physical tables and researches. Others, as well as Kant and Einstein, claim that time is our inner quality. It is something that helps us experience the world and objects in this world. Without time we cannot perceive the reality adequately or think about anything surrounding us.

Hour Glass

As for me, I do not believe that time is something that exists outside of our mind. We measure it every day just in order to communicate with others and live in a structured reality. Without our clocks and watches we could not be a part of social world. Nevertheless, time is only inside us. It is unique for everyone. That means that time is relative. Something that can be future for me may at the same time be past for someone else.

It is explained in the theory of Block’s universe. If you know something about physics you probably know about the speed of light. Now imagine a couple of people standing in the field surrounded by certain number of street lamps. Someone is standing near the street-lamp, the other is standing further. If we switch the light in those lamps the person who stands closer to them will see this light earlier than others. It is because the speed of light is measured in meters per seconds so that it will faster come to those who stand closer to it. Such an easy example explains why time is subjective in the meaning of physic theory.

You may see the sunrise right now but someone else have already seen it and it is past for him already. It is hard to imagine, but we are all living in deferent times.

In case you do not like physics and want to get to the foundations of such concept as time you should read Kant’s theory of transcendental esthetics. There he writes that time is one of the conditions of the possibility of our experience. It means that we cannot experience anything without time as a structure of our mind. Each object is perceived through time categories. If you try to think about something, it will take some time, and as a result, the condition of the possibility of thinking about anything is time. Otherwise, you will not have any idea of succession. Your thoughts then will be combined one with another in something sort of mix of thoughts. You will not have any idea that something comes earlier and something later. Try to imagine world processes without any type of succession. Is it possible?

We experience our mode of time table of the experience every morning. For example, the fact that we wake up in the morning and remember our previous experience is just one more in the endless list of proofs why time is essential for our life as we experienced it till now.

Now, when we turn our attention to space it will appear pretty much the same as time. There is only one difference between time and space. Time is only inner and space is also outer. Space is the characteristic of each object we see in our everyday life. Can you imagine anything without space?

Let us make an experiment. Try to imagine something without space. What do you see? Have you closed your eyes? Do you see darkness? Where is this darkness? Of course, it is something like a spot or some area. Any spot is also a spatial characteristic.

Watching Dark Sky

If we did not have space we would not have been able to recognize any objects among others. Without space they all would have been just one big colored spot. Space is something that separates things from each other. It gives objects boundaries in a certain way. Nevertheless, it is also never a real substance which you can touch and feel.

One more example of our spatial characteristic is that we perceive the whole object even when we see only one side of it. When you look at the building, you know for sure that there is something inside, that this building has two or three more walls which you cannot see right now. So, you look at one or two walls and at the same time you experience all four. This is because of our inner spatial characteristic.

Remember the last time you have read any book. I am sure that the plot was structured in the way which helped you understand where the action takes place and when. Without time and space you would not have had any plot anymore. Imagine a book without reference to any place and without mentioning what was going on before and what was happening after. Is it hard? I believe it is impossible.

It is time and space which make our experience not the experience of big spot but an experience of different objects.


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