Why It Is Important to Spend Time Wisely


Why It Is Important to Spend Time Wisely

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While studying at college or university it is important to gain not only professional skills and knowledge, but also to train yourself to manage the time wisely in order to become more productive and successful in studies as well in the future professional life.

College life is different from the high school one. On the one hand it gives you more freedom, as you are away from home, not supervised by your parents, free to make your own choices. But on the other hand, the level of responsibility increases. You need to remember, that the college fees are high, so you must take care of your grades and study properly.

At the same time there are other activities that make your student years the most memorable and happy period in your life. It will be a real waste of this precious time if you dedicate your college years only to studying, so you need to socialize, take part in campus activities, find a part-time job to earn some money for the summer college trip and all this while trying to complete all the tasks and study well. But everything is achievable if you learn how to manage your time reasonably. Here are some practical advises you can use to organize your work and schedule your time properly.

Tips for Managing Time Reasonably

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·         Make sure to have proper rest

Taking care of your health is the very thing you need to take in consideration if you want to be well-balanced and filled with energy. Good, comfortable sleep and regular breaks for having some rest are as important as hard working. Lack of sleep and proper rest increases the level of stress and influences badly the productivity and the quality of work performance. Calm walk in the park or simple 15-minute nap can help to clear your mind and boost your batteries with some extra energy.

·         Important stuff first

Learn to prioritize things. When everything is in mess, your life becomes much harder, as you may forget important things, then remember about them in the last minute and try to find a way to wriggle out of this difficulty, creating more mess and building up more stress. To avoid constant rushes and tardiness line up all your daily or even weekly tasks and put them in a list in the order of priority, where the most urgent things will be at its top, even if they are the most difficult and time consuming. At the beginning of the day of week people are typically more filled with energy and well-balanced. Use it for doing the most noteworthy and challenging tasks and dealing with them will be much easier.

·         Make a timetable

Fill it with your projects, events, assignments, tests. Get everything structured, clear and put it in sight to have the things under control and be aware at what point you currently are and what is there yet to be done. Concentrate on one task at a time and while doing it get rid of the distractors, like social networks, e-mail, phone etc. Do not forget to dedicate the proper amount of time to your main priority in college, which is studying.  Set your mini-deadlines for each subject or assignment and never go beyond the limit. Remember that there are other tasks waiting to be completed, so do not waste your time.

·         Do not procrastinate

Again, to keep everything in order you need to follow your timetable without wasting the precious time and productive energy. Procrastination breaks down your schedule, making you to delay things and creating additional problems with studies and even with yourself, as you will be most probably suffering from self-blaming at the end of the day.

So, get yourself together and do some actions to take your procrastination under control. Pay attention to the environment you are working in, make it more comfortable for effective studying. If you are bothered by the size of you your assignment, break it up into smaller parts and move on. If you have some questions, do not delay and ask your teacher as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the day before exam.

·         Make waiting time useful

We may not even notice how much time is wasted on unproductive waiting during a day. The next time you find yourself waiting for a bus or sitting in the classroom waiting for your teacher, make it useful: revise your notes for the lesson one more time, repeat the rules or whatever has been given for the homework. This will help you to be quicker on the uptake and need less time in an effective manner.

·         Do not skip classes

Try to attend all classes. Missing them means doing more work, as you will still have to learn them plus do the new home task and in some cases write additional paper as a punishment for being absent. So, do everything in due time and you will not be overload with additional work and bothered by lack of energy and time.

·         Concentrate on studying

When you have to prepare for exams or are busy with your papers, projects or any other important assignments, try to avoid the commitments with your friends or family members, that can distract you from the task accomplishment.  Remember that your priority is studying while you are in college, and all that birthday parties and family dinners can be temporary put off to more relaxed times.

·         Do not over-schedule yourself

Make you timetable flexible. You are not almighty and cannot do everything at once. If you include too many tasks in your to-do list, you will always have the lack of time and feel frustrated. Pace yourself and be realistic about your working capacity. It is also good to include some cushion time in your schedule, as you cannot predict what is going to happen during the day. When you need to go somewhere and think that 20 minutes would be enough, put 30 minutes for it. If you do not want some unexpected stuff to ruin all your plans, simply include it in your plans, and you will not be that jacked out and embarrassed throughout the day.

So, why is time management so important? Because time is one of the most valuable and nonrenewable resource that we have. People say, that time is money, but in actual fact it is life. When you organize your work properly and manage your time wisely, you have more of it to spent on people and things you love, making life more enjoyable.

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