Traveling Is Much More Affordable Then You May Think

Traveling Is Much More Affordable Then You May Think

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As the days slowly but steadily get longer and the first scents of spring start to drift through the air, a shiver of enthusiasm runs through college campuses: summer vacations are coming. In a few months students will put their books on the backest of back burners and will search for vacation trips eager to explore the outside world and have fun. It is known, though, that traveling costs a lot of money. All together food, accommodation and transport indeed cost a bundle if you pay money for them. So what to do if you do not have practically any of it to spend on a vacation trip? Should you just stay at home watching TV and waiting for another exhausting academic year? The answer is NO WAY! Before giving up try out some of the ideas that we have gathered here for you. There are ways to save a significant amount of money if you:

Become a volunteer

We all know that nothing in this world is completely gratis. This means that you still have to give something in exchange for your travelling expenses instead of money. This could be your free time and a little work for several hours a day. There are many international volunteer organizations that allow their members to travel practically to any corner of the world providing them with free food and stay and sometimes even with the partial or full flight expenses coverage. If you have plenty of free time and willing to contribute to world changing projects try some volunteer organizations such as The Volunteers for prosperity, UN Volunteer Program, The Peace Corps, which can offer you travelling opportunities to various regions such as Africa, South America, Oceania, Asia etc. with different periods of duration and all travel expenses paid.

Go Wwoofing

Young Farmer

The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF is a worldwide movement that links volunteers with farmers who are in need of some pair of hands with the stuff on their organic farms on a non-monetary basis. As a volunteer, you will work several hours a day helping with daily duties in exchange for free food and accommodation and interesting experience as a farmer.

Swap labor for free stay at hostels

It is one more way to exchange your time to free accommodation. Apply for hostel jobs before you go on your journey using directly their web sites or specialized online-services. Working together with the local people can become a great experience of deeper immersion into the foreign culture and making new friends abroad.

Become a member of a free accommodation network

All you need is to sign up on one of the sites and you are a member of the worldwide free accommodation network. Notice, however, that it is a two-side membership: the host and the guest, which means that you cannot be only a roomer and are supposed to support the movement by giving completely free of charge accommodation to other travelers whenever it is comfortable for you.

Relocate vehicles

There are many companies that provide vehicle relocation service. If you are able to drive people’s cars, motorcycles or even vans or boats to their new homes that are in place of your interest, you can offer your service to one of such companies and get your free travel, as the fuel costs will be completely covered by the vehicle owner.

Do house watching

Happy Pet Sitter

Another good opportunity to save on traveling and explore other countries is to care for somebody’s house and pets while the owners are away. Sign up on one of the sites offering such service worldwide and find the house to watch after in the place of your interest, getting your extremely low-cost accommodation for weeks.

Teach English

English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. It is the official language in 53 countries and the first language for about 400 million people all over the world. Good mastery of English increases one’s chances of getting job in an international company in their home country or abroad. If you are a native English speaker, you do not necessarily need to have a TESOL or TEFL certificates to teach the language. Schools and training centers around the world invite such people to host their English speaking clubs or speaking lessons where the students practice their oral skills and pronunciation in order to overcome language and cultural barriers.

Work at a camp

Yet another way to use your English as an advantage that permits you to travel all over the world getting free accommodation and even some pin money. It is a great opportunity for college students to gain a practical experience of working with children and teenagers. Most of the camps will cover your living, lodging and transport expenses for the whole length of your contract. Of course, your free time will be limited but it is still a great financially and culturally rewarding experience.

Volunteer on a boat

This can be a great way to travel, especially if you are intersected in visiting remote islands and love ocean. Sign up on one of online crewing boards and offer your cervices there or look through available positions and contact captains yourself. Before starting out your voyage make sure, however, that the captain is reliable and the boat is safe and in good shape.

So these are some of the opportunities you can take as a student in order to broaden your horizons and enrich yourself culturally without serious expenses.  Try them out and you will see that traveling is cheaper than you think.


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