Need for a Tutor: Necessity or Superfluity. Part 1

Need for a Tutor: Necessity or Superfluity. Part 1

Studying in the university remains Greek to many students even after graduation. Not everyone succeeds in becoming graduates and thoroughly understanding his/her specialty. Is it possible to change something, or this science will remain unattainable? Here you can ask whether it is worth going to a tutor during the studying process, or it is better not to waste money.

Why Do You Need a Tutor?


A tutor is a private teacher of narrow specialization, which helps a student fill in tangible gaps in the knowledge. The word “teacher” is used as a vocation, but the tutor does not necessarily have a higher education – he/she must be able to explain difficult things in a simple language and to present information in an accessible form.

In general, every student can become a tutor, is he/she is confident in his/her knowledge of this subject or another. This profession does not require diplomas and recommendations, and word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to make yourself well-known. If one student finds a worthy tutor, then he/she will necessarily tell about it to his/her companions in misfortune and recommend asking this tutor for help. It is another matter whether a tutor is needed in the university, or it is better to look for other ways to improve your academic performance.

To Be or Not to Be: That Is the Question

If you have tangible problems in the knowledge of a particular subject, then you should not immediately look for a tutor and spend money, you can try another way to fill this gap in your lore. There are several options:

  1. Ask the professor to stay after the lecture and explain again the difficult topic. During the semester, the professors are particularly responsive and will gladly meet the student aspiring to knowledge. Of course, time and place will be negotiated by themselves and it will be based on their own workload, but this is your need and you must adjust to the busy person;
  2. You can give a similar request to a groupmate who understands the subject at least a little better than you. Then it will be necessary to thank him/her, but it will come out much cheaper than tutoring prices, and the quality of the received knowledge is at times no worse;
  3. It does not hurt to sit down with the books and try to understand the problem topic on your own, and, perhaps, you will succeed without any help at all. In this case, a complementary advantage is that you will feel proud for being able to manage all by yourself and this will serve as an additional incentive for further study. In addition, it is recommended using the invaluable help of the World Wide Web, which necessarily contains similar examples and a variety of reference literature on an incomprehensible topic and a complicated subject.

Well, the last option is to hire a tutor for an additional payment. Here, all the details are discussed in the private conversation, but it is essential for the student to understand whether this person can explain anything to him/her and whether the scholarship money will be spent, for example, for nothing.

Today tutoring is not a cheap pleasure, so many students prefer to think several times and find other options before agreeing to such private lessons. When there is no other variant, and the session is approaching, it is not worth saving because a further scholarship will pay all the expenses, and you will not have to spoil your reputation with a bad grade. Bad grades usually stick tightly to the student and the professor forms a certain preliminary impression that is extremely difficult to change or it is simply impossible.

When You Need a Tutor?

This is another important question that a “lagging” student should ask himself/herself. In fact, there are four situations in which you simply cannot do without such paid services:

  1. The first situation. The professor does not explain clearly enough new topics, and in the end of the lecture, the student does not understand, what an issue was. Attempts to appeal to the professor for explanations also did not succeed because he/she is always in a hurry and always busy with incomprehensible deeds. Here, if there is a desire to learn, it is best to seek the qualified help of a tutor who will not only explain the missed material but also present it in a much expanded and simplified form;
  2. The second situation. The explanations of the professor are available and clear, but the student is still alien to the topic studied. Perhaps such a manner of providing new information just does not suit you, so you have to find an additional tutor. By the way, the search for a competent teacher can take more than one week since it is difficult to find a professional who can simply explain seemingly obvious things;
  3. The third situation. Students have no complaints about the professor and his/her manner of presenting the material, but there is dissatisfaction in terms of a curtailed curriculum. It happens that it is not enough knowledge for the student, and he/she is looking for a tutor who will in-depth enlighten him/her on this issue or another. Such a need, as a rule, arises for future postgraduate students who sleep and see themselves as scientific collaborators and professors;
  4. The fourth situation. It is possible that the student was ill or simply absent for a long time at lectures. In this case, he/she has a huge gap in knowledge, which must be filled in the shortest possible time. There is often no time at all. Who will do it better than a tutor? Of course, no one, it remains only to find a qualified specialist with moderate prices for his/her work.

In these situations, the student must decide whether he/she needs to pay services of a tutor, or he/she will manage all by himself/herself and independently master the material that was not understood at the lecture. A great deal, of course, depends on financial opportunities since not every student can afford such a private teacher. In the second part of this article we will discuss, how to find a good tutor and what pay attention to when choosing him/her.


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