Need for a Tutor: Necessity or Superfluity. Part 2

Need for a Tutor: Necessity or Superfluity. Part 2

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Tutor?


If it is still decided to take a tutor, it is important to pay attention to the following points, which will help at least to save a little, while guaranteeing a specialist in his/her field:

  1. It should be uniquely proven person, about who your friends can give a comprehensive information;
  2. It is important to make sure of his/her experience and qualifications so as not to pay solid money to the first passerby;
  3. Find more valuable information about his/her lessons, because such information and real testimonials are unequivocally available at numerous student forums of your native city;
  4. Ask if he/she has a free trial lesson that will help you understand if you are right for each other;
  5. Immediately at the first meeting, specify the cost of each academic hour and the duration of one lesson;
  6. Individually find out the terms of payment and the absence of classes for valid reasons;
  7. Ask about the present education and the specialization.

Such seemingly unostentatious questions will help you understand what sort of person your potential tutor is, what kind of opinion he/she has about himself/herself and his/her work, and which help he/she can give you in a particular situation. Do not choose a tutor if he/she:

  • Boasts a lot;
  • Overstates the price;
  • Does not compromise;
  • Is rude and does not cause the most pleasant sensations.

Today there are plenty of applicants for a private teacher’s place, so do not rush with your choice.

Where to Find a Good Tutor?

Search on the Internet

Today, good tutors cannot be had just for the asking and the line to them stands for several months. And they highly value their services, although, in fact, they do not provide any guarantees for the successful passing of the same exam. How to decide on a choice and not to lose?

Applicants may be several, but why not ask your professor to work as a tutor? This is the most intelligent and far-sighted move that will pay off already at the next session.

Of course, the professor simply has no official right to be a tutor of his/her student, but nothing prevents him/her unofficially from pulling up his/her careless student. And no one has not canceled yet the thanks to your beloved professor. What does it give?

  1. The student receives knowledge that perfectly meets all the requirements of the professor;
  2. The chances for a successful passing of the exam are skyrocketing;
  3. The student’s relations with the teacher will immediately improve;
  4. The educators give good grades to their favorite students;
  5. The professor will simply close his/her eyes to many of the student’s actions.

So, this is definitely a profitable investment, which will not only improve the performance of a mediocre student but also allow him/her to acquire the necessary connections that will soon come in handy and more than once.

Student Tips

Books on the Table

If the tutor is already employed, then do not ignore his/her lessons, because this person, like no one else, is interested in your academic performance. Your high grades are his/her stable earnings and an impeccable reputation.

If at the lecture was passed a topic that remained beyond understanding, then it should be considered with a tutor, and to the smallest detail. It is important that the student receives the consistent knowledge on the subject, and there were no gaps in his/her head that could lead to the failure of the exam.

If at the lecture, you were given a homework on the subject of tutoring, then it is also important to discuss it with your personal teacher. First, you have to solve a similar example, and then perform the task preassigned. As you know, repetition is the mother of learning, and this truth has not been canceled yet.

If after a few weeks, the tutor did not improve the student’s knowledge, then most likely, his/her further services will have to be refused. No, no one doubts his/her qualifications, perhaps you just did not get along with the characters, and this is also common.

Ideally, the help of a tutor allows you to pull up your knowledge in the subjects, feel more confident when answering, and also no longer be afraid of testing and certification work. It is quite a good idea to enlist a powerful support of a professional, which certainly will not be superfluous in the university.

So, the conclusion: some students need a tutor, and it is desirable not to save on such paid services.

It is best to choose a qualified teacher and preferably from your own university.


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