Write Me an Essay

Write Me an Essay

People barely need any arguments to show how important education is, however, the meaning of a concept of education has different shades and tones and is perceived in a very different way sometimes. For some, being educated is being a fluent theorist, for others it is more related to the practical side of any special field. For some employers, education and diploma do not mean too much as soon as the person is a great specialist, while for others the name of the university the person has graduated from is a key factor in selecting the candidate over other candidates. All of these factors are important and should be taken into account, but how does one select a way to gain education if they do not know what this word means to them, what they strive for, what should be the priorities if they want to achieve their goal?

Struggle to Pass

No less than a few dozens of reasons can be named that would not let you pass the subject, but everyone knows they should pass it. You may have a very prickly teacher, lack understanding of this subject or some topics you were through or simply do not have enough time to complete all the assignments. Would someone else’s help be of a use to you and how?

  • In case it is a secondary subject that does not influence your level of preparedness to work in the field you have selected, then custom writing can be your savior as it will save you the precious time. Not only it will save the time of writing a paper, but will also keep you off the research needed and you will just need to read the completed work to know what is related to the chosen topic.
  • You can ask someone «write me an essay» as an example of a good paper on the given topic, so it will be a guide for your future paper both as for the format and the content of the work.
  • Instead of trusting someone with the paper, you can also ask the writer to complete an extended outline and find the sources for you to use, so you will have the basis and will be able to write a paper so it has your writing style.

Worried Student

Lack of Time

Every person can be busy in their own way. The day is twenty-four hours long, but some manage to work on their studies, meet the friends and prepare a meal during it, while others have to squeeze into this time their college or university, their part-time job and sometimes taking care of their kind or family members, too. Sometimes it is impossible even if a person never sleeps, and everyone knows we have to sleep, right? Therefore, in case you feel like you are ever-running in a hamster wheel, you definitely can use some help with writing papers that take at least a few of precious hours to complete.

Learning from Another Person

Has it ever happened to you that you were looking at the requirements for your essay, research paper or an individual project and did not know even where to start, or needed someone to explain what should be done here? Understanding of what is expected from you is crucial, as you might be good with putting your thoughts into words, but in case the aim of the paper is unclear to you, the assignment will not be highly graded. Rewriting the work is indeed demotivating, and, of course, time-consuming. Is there a way out when it comes to such complicated and unclear assignments? Yes, there is always a way.

Freelance Writers Are Ready to Complete Your Work for You

An experienced person has probably seen dozens sets of requirements like yours and knows exactly what to do. Such a person is available to complete either the complete paper or a part of it you are not sure of the most. After you see the completed work, you will understand what should have been done, and confusing instructions of writing the paper will not scare you anymore. Also, you can trust the writer to complete the part that requires calculations or describing the experiment, and once you check the paper you will know exactly the step-by-step report of this part. Also, you will be also able to see the correct format of the part you need, so you will have an example of how your papers or the remaining part of the paper should be formatted.
Comparing the Papers

«Write Me an Essay» vs. «Rewrite Me an Essay»

Usually people need someone to complete the work from scratch, as they simply have no chance to finish it within the time frames they have. However, it happens that the person has written the rough draft of the essay (or any other type of paper), but feels it is not good enough to pass or get a high grade, neither does this student know how to improve it. In this case it is possible to find a freelance writer who can rewrite the paper according to the requirements provided, including:

  • adding the citations from the sources needed and citing them correctly;
  • fixing the plagiarism if it was detected by the student and was highlighted in the rough draft;
  • replacing colloquial vocabulary with academic vocabulary;
  • fixing the structure of the sentences and the grammar;
  • correct the format of the paper and the citation style.

This way, the student will receive their ideas dressed in a pretty outfit of academic writing and required format, all ready for a show. Or a debate, if the essay is argumentative. In short, all completed and ready to be handed in.

Improving of Your Paper

There are all kinds of improvements the student might need, as some of them prefer to have most of the work done by themselves, and only want to have someone who can ensure the readability of their paper and fixing some grammar errors. It is no secret that the writer might not detect the parts that should be fixed in a freshly written piece, so it is always good to use someone else’s help in such situations. For such situations, we can offer different services to satisfy the client’s expectations and provide them with the exact assistance they need. Here is the list of services offered in the field of academic writing and a brief explanation of each of them.

Type of serviceWriting from scratchRewritingEditingProofreading
What can be changedThe paper is completed from scratch as per the given instructionsUp to 70% of the paper can be changed, including the content if requiredUp to 30% of the paper can be changed, including fixing the grammar, the word choice and the format of the draftThe paper is checked for lexical mistakes, punctuation and other grammar errors


In What Situations Can These Services Be Used?

Person Choosing the Option

Writing from Scratch

When your request is «write me an essay», it means you definitely need the paper to be written from scratch, either on the chosen topic or on the topic the writer will choose for you. It guarantees that the paper will be plagiarism-free, original and completed as per your request only, with the indicated format and a reference page provided for free. This service also lets you order shortening of the paper, a gist of any text, an outline for your paper or a part of the paper you need that you can work of later, adding the information you want and reaching the required word count.


This type of service will come in handy if you have just entered the college but are not sure how to complete college-worth papers (the same comes to any higher education establishment). This service will also work for you if you need more terms or academic words used in the paper, need to change the idea a bit, want the structure to be logical by adding transition sentences and so on. After having a few rewritten papers and after comparing them to the original, you will be more certain of how the paper should be written.


This service works well both for the native speakers who want to be sure their draft is read-through by the professional before handing it in and for the foreigners who study in English and might be uncertain if there is no better synonym to use or if their grammar is good enough for their academic level.


It is a service that will let the writer make sure all your commas are in the right places, there are no misused words and grammar mistakes. It is a good backup as the student might simply not notice the errors of this kind right after the paper is written or might not be aware that there is a better substitute for a word when it comes to academic writing.
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Write Me an Essay Fast

Has it ever happened to you that you are going to bed and exchange a few occasional texts with your school mate just before falling asleep, when they ask you something like “Have you completed this essay for the tomorrow’s class?” The feeling is striking: cold sweat, panic attack, adrenaline rushes through your veins. You consider what is better, staying awake the whole nigh long and finishing the paper timely or getting a lower grade but complete this assignment later. There is some good news for you, as there is a possibility to have a paper completed even within a few hours while you sleep. You may even remember about the essay in the morning and have it ready till the class starts. It might become your own little personal fairytale.

Is It Possible to Get an Essay on Any Topic?

Has it happened to you that you did not know how to complete the assignment, but was also not sure if anyone except your professor and a girl who gets straight A’s can? It is possibly the case for a lot of students, and since all of us once were in the student’s shoes, everyone can understand this feeling. However, there is always a possibility to check the topic with the support team and make sure that there is someone ready right now to accept your order and complete an essay or any other paper for you.

What Else Can I Have Except Essays?

First of all, please note that we have an option of any type of essay that can be completed, all you need to do is specify in the instructions what exactly it is you need. Except for this there are a research paper, a dissertation (or any part of it), a coursework, an annotated bibliography, a book or movie review and many more. If you are interested, you may check the complete list on the “Order now” page, and if you do not find what you were looking for, ask the support team whether we have a writer ready to work on your special assignment.

Are You Now Ready To Try?

Now when you know exactly what it is we can offer, you may choose whether you want to use our services for your benefit and in what way. If anything is still unclear to you, there is always an option to ask our friendly support team or check other articles on our website. A little hint: if you ask any supporter to give a discount before placing the order, your request will never be declined! To make a long story short, you may be ensured that if you ask our team “write me an essay”, we will always respond with “We will be happy to!” and you can rely on our assistance 24/7/365.

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