Writer’s Thoughts: 7 Beliefs Not Allowing for Your Success


Writer’s Thoughts: 7 Beliefs Not Allowing for Your Success

Success Mistakes

Mistaken beliefs do not allow you to realize your potential. Your subconsciousness tries to kick you off the chosen way sometimes, when it makes you think those thoughts. One of the qualified essay writers of our service thinks that there are seven most-widespread prejudices one has to forget about in order to become happier and more successful.

  • 1. There is Someone Who Knows What Success Is and How to Achieve it

    People rely on thoughts of their families, friends, and the whole society. They determined the criteria of success long ago and they are sure there cannot be another scenery. Do not pay attention to these people and go along your own way.

    Of course, it is easy to say but difficult to do. Other people’s life vision gets inside a person’s mind from the early childhood. Even the most experienced businessmen and creative persons, who live according to their own rules and have their own world, stay under the pressure of a “public opinion” that glory and wealth to be marks of success.

    Determine what success is for you. Other people will not live according to your principles. So why should you follow their beliefs?

    Do not believe words. You have the right to decide what you want to achieve in this life on your own.

  • 2. I Have to Be Sure in My Next Step

    Many people understand words “self-confidence” not very correctly. They think this quality is what they need to have before they start doing something. And they wait until they get filled with that energy. But if you are sitting on one place, there will not be more confidence appearing in your mind.

    Your past determines your self-confidence. But think about your today to become just a memory tomorrow. That is why your confidence, which you are going to feel then, depends on your today’s actions.

    Confidence appears when you make yourself get up and make a step in the needed direction.

  • 3. Careful Planning Is the Guarantee of the Best Result

    Precise planning is often an obstacle for real actions. You think about the project too much, you analyze all the pros and cons, and then make a conclusion: wow, it is a bit difficult to achieve the desired goal. But it can be not like that in reality. But the point is that you stay inactive during the planning process.

    Amateurs sit and expect inspiration to come to them. Others just get up and start working.

    In order to prevent things like that from happening and to get rid of your anxiety, divide your goal into small tasks which you can perform here and now. For instance, try launching your personal blog first, if you dream about writing a book but can’t start it.

    Do not plan and do not think too much. Act. Small steps will lead you towards a big goal.

  • 4. I Can Just Concentrate on the Goal in Order to Reach it

    Goals will not bring you positive results. Everyday habits will. Remember that once and forever.

    You set a great goal for yourself, but you forget to change your behavior. A heavy unrealized dream falls down onto your shoulders, you get disappointed and lose hope.

    Try to concentrate on everyday rituals that make you closer to your goal during few weeks. For instance, you want to lose weight. You really want that very much. But this is where your initiative ends. Start eating healthy food, training every day, and you will see the result pretty soon. You won’t even think about how you have reached your goal, it will simply become your habit.

  • 5. I Have to Be Right All the Time

    You start understanding what is really right through tries and mistakes. This knowledge is much more important than being right all the time.

    Everyone makes mistakes. It is not always possible to realize what you want from the first try. Everything comes with an experience. Do not lash yourself for your own mistakes. Learn how to get lessons that will help you in future from those failures.

  • 6. I Have to Agree with Everything

    You have to learn how to say “no” even if it has never been your quality. Your time and energy are limited, so do not waste them in vain.

    Never forget about that, you don’t have to agree with any venture they offer you. New and unexpected possibilities may distract you form your priorities. Learn to deny some things if you want to live by your own rules.

  • 7. I Have Enough Power to Resist Social Limits and Temptations

    Person vs Society

    Even the person with great willpower can get broken under the pressure of the society they live in. People lose their faith in the fact that they can live in better conditions and start trying to change their environment. This is where their energy goes.

    You need to spend your energy on making a conscious choice about your environment. People you communicate with shouldn’t pull you down. They must motivate you, inspire you, and support you on your way to the goal.

    If you want to achieve something, surround yourself with like-minded people. Right environment will allow you to make your life better forever and to be who you want to be. This rule is the basis of social development.

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